Full-time dad, a programmer’s exam


Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

brotherDad: I asked you, there is a shark whose head is like a hammer. It’s an omnivore on the bottom of the sea. What’s its name?

Zhou Zi HengHammerhead shark

brotherYes, but the hammerhead shark is not its original name…

Zhou Zi HengHammerhead shark

brotherThat’s right!

Zhou Zi Heng… Wait a minute. Did you ask me if you didn’t know the character of the double-haired shark?

brother… How did you know that?

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

How many stars is the career of full-time dad difficult?

Zhou Ziheng’s family has two children. His elder brother is 7 years old. He has just been in the first grade, and he has begun to shine with gold.“Children from other families”Super academic tyranny.

I started to learn programming in my 4’s and Python in my 7’s.

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

Rubik’s Cube Quick Twist Competition.

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

Chess match.

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

Junior Robot Technical Level Certificate.

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

Learn advanced mathematics courses.

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

How to teach a child from another family?

First of all, there must be one.“Father of another family”

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

Who is Zhou Ziheng? He has many labels on him: the translator of more than 10 best-selling technical books, such as Turing’s Graphic Decoding Technology, How the Internet Connects, writes codes, columns, science popularization, the father of two children, and he is a full-time father.

We believe that it will not be easy for every father to quit his job and take his baby home. But Zhou Ziheng said lightly,This is the result of rational analysis, not much hardship.

“The child’s grandmother’s legs are not good, and the grandfather is busy cooking and buying food. It’s a little hard to take the child out to play.

In addition, I think that parents will have some experience in the troubles of parenting from generation to generation. I am a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, there is no way not to interfere, simply come by myself. “

This dad is cool! But on his first glorious day as a full-time dad, he felt like he was“They are about to cry in front of their children.”

More tired than working!

Say: Ideal is full, reality is skeletal.

Also said: resignation for a while, with children crematorium

Before Mingming, he liked bathing very much, but now he cries and makes a lot of noise as soon as he takes a bath.

Before Mingming, I liked kindergarten very much. Now when I get to the gate of kindergarten, I cry and don’t go in.

Take him out to play with other children and he’ll lose his temper for no reason…

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

Zhou Ziheng was very mad at that time. He felt that he had failed. He didn’t know where the problem was.

The kindergarten teacher noticed the change of the child and had a deep talk with him. He began to understand the tension behind his child’s abnormal behavior.

Originally, because grandparents moved out, some changes have taken place in the family environment.In the eyes of children, this change may be enormous.In addition, as a parent, it’s anxious to take a baby in the first place. This emotion is sensitively perceived and affected by children.

Therefore, he began to face up to and accept the uneasiness of himself and his children, and successfully passed the first test of full-time father.

The story of breaking through with the baby is not over yet, because he upgraded the difficulty himself.

In 2017, he and his wife made a big decision together:Give birth to two babies.

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

He thought that with his brother’s experience, he would not encounter any difficulties.

But after the wife’s maternity leave, the family left him to take care of his two children, but also to take care of his brother’s kindergarten. There will be a weekend without rest.“There’s nowhere to escape.”The feeling. When you go to work, if you are tired and sick, you can ask for leave. Who can take your baby full-time to rest for you?

In addition, greater stress comes from the heart, that is, from the heart.Every full-time father or mother has to face anxiety.

Zhou Ziheng said, “We can’t get rid of these anxieties. First of all, we must recognize and face them, and then try to coexist peacefully with these anxieties. “

How to coexist peacefully? He has his own way.

“Give yourself something to sun and brush with a sense of presence. For example, what lessons I have learned, what certificates I have taken, how many days I have been running, how many days I have been singing and dancing, how to make handicraft, how to write some unnoticeable drinks, what little achievements my children have made, what skills they have been taught…

In short, let others worship you in the circle of friends.This feedback is a good remedy for anxiety.Not only has the power, but also can maintain the good state of continuous learning and upgrading. In this way, we will not be overwhelmed by the above three anxieties. “

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

By June this year, it was his fourth anniversary as a full-time father. He has been able to navigate the full timetable, focusing on children’s growth, making educational plans, squeezing time for learning and upgrading, and supporting himself with long-distance and part-time jobs.

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

What was Xueba’s childhood like?

Last August, during the summer vacation after kindergarten graduation, my brother suddenly became interested in Rubik’s Cube, so Zhou Ziheng downloaded an App called “Extreme Rubik’s Cube” on his iPad, which taught him some basic solutions.

Brother himself watch those videos, three days can restore the magic cube, and the time is only four and a half! During the holidays, he had nothing to do at home. Every day, he turned around with the Rubik’s Cube, and the speed of restoration became faster and faster.

August 17: 4 minutes 30 seconds

August 18: 2 minutes 46 seconds

August 23: 1 minute 50 seconds (self-study CFOP)

August 25: 1 minute 26 seconds

August 28: 1 minute 12 seconds

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

By mid-October, his speed was about 55 seconds, but there was little improvement in the next month.Here comes the bottleneck.

So Zhou Ziheng enrolled him in the Juvenile Rubik’s Cube Competition, the U8 (under 8 years old) group, as his motivation for learning and training.

One and a half months before the game, he had a class every week. The content starts with advanced PLL and OLL formulas, crosses at the least steps, and F2L speedup.

However,For a seven-year-old, it’s a bit hard.

Zhou Ziheng talked to him: “If you feel difficult or boring, you can quit at any time, but you know, many things to the field of experts, there is no easy way to improve. “

After talking about it, my brother’s mentality in class and practice is much better. At home, he also uses DCTimer to do sub-item exercises and statistics. Before the race, his average speed was about 45 seconds, up to 35 seconds at the fastest. Finally, my brother won the sixth place, which is the best result we can win at present. Congratulations!

Zhou Ziheng remembered that when he was a child, his teacher said that everyone should learn to use computers, otherwise he would be illiterate in the new era. This statement has now come true.So will programming be illiterate in the next new era?

So my brother began to learn programming when he was over four years old.

At first, Zhou Ziheng took him to play some programming related games, such as Lightbot.

Later, he played Swift Playgrounds with him, brushing it back and forth intermittently. It’s much harder to write code than to play games, but he still understands most of the concepts very well.

After going to elementary school, my brother read some introductory books on algorithms. Zhou Ziheng took him to use Python to implement some algorithms, such as various sorting algorithms.

In fact, programming can cultivate children’s logical ability and concentration, and has a subtle and far-reaching impact on mental growth.

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

But the programmer’s dad is too busy! After all, 996 is no joke.

In this regard, Zhou Ziheng suggested that dads:

  • Although I can’t accompany my children to study every day, I have to understand the developmental characteristics of my children’s thinking, which aspects are more sensitive.Participate more in the direction and plan of children’s training.
  • Understand and support the people who help you with your baby. Don’t let them think you’re doing nothing and giving them opinions.
  • You can find some.What only Dad can doFor example, take your child to write a small program, make a robot, play a ball, go camping and fly a kite, or watch the moon with a telescope.

Full-time dad, a programmer's exam

Dad and Wa grew up together

The best education is to set an example, and the best love is to grow together. Zhou Ziheng said, “A child is a mirror, and when you get along with them, you will look at yourself. “

The child taught him how to better understand other people’s emotions.

“There are no more difficult customers to communicate with than Wa. What I learned from my children is probably the most versatile communication skills. “

In addition, the growth of a child will become the driving force for his growth.

“The children are all working so hard. Can Dad still be lazy in peace? “

He has systematically taken Deep Learning courses in Coursera and some math courses in the gap between the dolls. Recently, in order to take his brother to learn programming, he is preparing to repeat the C language.

Slowly, my brother learned that Dad needed his time. Know when to play by yourself and when Dad can play with him. There is more tacit understanding between father and son.

“There was a bedtime chat. He asked me if I liked him or not. Of course I did. Then he said, “I know that the more you like me, the less you relax your demands on me. It’s all for my good.” “

Maybe that’s the best way to grow up.

Photo Source: Zhou Ziheng Friends Circle, Unsplash

Writing: Li Bing

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