Full process diagram of batch modification of file name using Automator under mac


Mac users can use many methods to modify file names in batches, one of which is to use Automator to modify file names in batches. How to use Automator to modify file names in batches? Today, Xiaobian will tell you the specific operation method of batch modifying file names using Automator.

Specific operation method:

Start Automator (you can find it in the / applications directory or launchpad)

The first step is to select “document type”. We select “application”. Of course, you can also select “workflow” (i.e. workflow) or “service” (in the finder right-click service menu). However, from the current demand, we need to select the target file. In this case, it is more reliable to select “application”.


In the editing interface, we can find “ask for finder items” and “copy finder items” in “resource library” – “files and folders” and drag them into the blank area on the right. In “request finder items”, we should set the default picture storage directory in advance, so that each time we open the app, we will automatically locate and select pictures in this directory, We can cooperate with hazel to manage all kinds of pictures, which will be much more convenient.


The most critical step is to find the “scale images” in the “resource library -” photos “and drag it to the last position on the right. We select” to size (pixels) “in the” scale image “and fill in the default pixel value.


At this position, the creation of the app is completed. We press and hold the “option” key in the menu bar. After seeing the “save as” appear, click and save it as “application”.


One defect of the above case is that the target pixel value is default every time the image size is batch processed. You need to make the corresponding app according to the demand in advance.

Have you learned how to batch modify file names using Automator now? In fact, this method looks complex, but it is not difficult. I believe Mac users can easily master this method.