Front end. With some experience, say some ideas


There are no dry goods, but mainly some ideas. I say you realize that there are 100 Hamlets in the eyes of 100 people. Isn’t this the case with academic exchanges?

It’s easy to get started at the front end, but it’s harder to get to the back


Too much noise!

What should I do?


so what?

Fix the problem!

There’s too much noise

Noise of front-end frame

On the Internet, it is said that the front-end hasThree mainstream frameworks: angular, react and Vue, but I’ve also heard of bootstrap and jQuery.
What are the differences between these frameworks? in my submissionWe should understand them, not compare them。 For example, pears and apples are fruits with similar prices, different tastes and different edible values. Which one you choose depends on your current understanding of the two fruits and your own preferences and conditions. Will you make a comparison list to determine which is the best?

My understanding of these frameworks:
Angular became popular early. The first batch of engineers using this framework are still bleeding. Moreover, there are many products using this framework on the market, which need to be maintained by engineers who understand angular. Therefore, even if it is difficult for Xiaobai to get started with angular, it is still one of the mainstream. For me, angular is too complicated. It makes me hard to learn. In the final analysis, it’s too lazy
React is described in two words – freedom. React has few syntax and is easy to use. It is difficult to have an in-depth understanding of its concept. For example, if you only know how to use Redux, but don’t know its meaning and don’t play its function, it’s useless and reduces the performance of the project. To tell you the truth, I use react. If I don’t have God’s guidance, it’s easy to deviate and write a pile of hidden bugs, soWhen writing code, you must think clearly before you start writing. It is not recommended to verify while writing. This is luck oriented programming. You can’t maintain it when you write it
Vue needless to say, it’s easy to get started and find a job. It’s the first choice for many Xiaobai who turn to the front end, but there are also many disputes. I was introduced by others. At the beginning, I learned react. I once envied Vue for finding a job. I studied for a few days, but I gave up because I had too many things to recite. In the final analysis, I was too lazy
Bootstrap and jQuery haven’t been studied in detail. After searching, they are generally non mainstream and can’t be regarded as a framework, but they have not been eliminated. They are mostly used for simple pages. For me, when I see bootstrap and jQuery in the recruitment information, I skip them directly.

Noise of front end Foundation

The front-end foundation is mainly HTML, JS and CSS, and others are extendedHowever, these three, with too much content, too many versions and too many tutorials, are still easy to be confused
I don’t know,Check Baidu EncyclopediaThat’s enough. It’s clear to understand their historical development
When learning, fix a tutorial website respectively, preferably the official website, which is accurate enough. While learning, find some more interview questions to practice, but still don’t understand, check the explanations of other tutorials,Mastery lies in understanding its concept and practice, not just by remembering.Just like mathematical formulas, if you memorize all the formulas and don’t understand the idea of the formula, you still can’t do your problem unless you memorize the answers. It’s OK to deal with the interview. It’s revealed as soon as you write the code

My understanding of HTML, JS and CSS:
Only interview questions need to be memorized. What you can recite is how much!
HTML content is relatively small. I don’t think it’s necessary to specifically remember the attributes of tags. Check which one you use. If you use more, you’ll remember it naturally. DOM is not difficult, just to get, modify, add or delete, what else can you do
JS foundation is the favorite question of many companies, and they like to ask around questions. If you don’t answer correctly, you will say that your foundation is poor (crying and laughing). Most contents of JS are easy to understand, but some knowledge points are not easy to understand: closure, event loop mechanism, asynchrony, etc. there are also some technical names without semantics: anti shake and throttling, shallow copy and deep copy, etc. These are common in projects, so it is important to have some project experience, but they are also easy to be abused, such as asynchronous.If you use it right, there is no problem. You have to consider the situation of the whole project. The code should be standardized (not format specification).
Typescript must be able to. Using typescript is not dependent. There is no need to waste manpower.For example, people used to use paper maps, but now people use navigation software. You can also find the way with paper. However, in order to improve efficiency, you can only memorize the route. You may also memorize the wrong route and change the new route. If you go wrong, you have to check where you go wrong. So is your learning cost or development cost high? I think those who learn typescript and take the initiative to use JavaScript either use it wrong or haven’t used it.
CSS is like a dictionary. It’s not worth learning it. It is enough to understand the common properties of CSS and learn the syntax of SCSS and flex layout. When I was interviewed, the interviewer asked me how to draw triangles with CSS (few companies would ask such thoughtless skill questions). I said I wouldn’t. the interviewer said, “it’s very basic. That’s it. You can go back first.”. At first I complained about the abnormal interviewer, and then I thought,Now that you are looking for a job, you should be prepared, position yourself, understand the current situation, have nothing to complain about, and the most important thing is whether you are suitable or not.

Front end noise

When interested in learning, I don’t know what it means. Check it. There’s no need to tangle

My understanding of terms:
All kinds of acronyms, all kinds of names without semantics, like brand names in the fashion industry, seem to be very professional if you can say a few. I wonder if there are one or two people around you who like to create their own terms or use them indiscriminately. I think the existence of terms is convenient and rapid communication. If you don’t understand what you say, it’s really unnecessary to explain it.Some common terms still need to be remembered. Don’t speak if they are too ambiguous. The self-made term team can understand them and put an end to the misuse of terms.A lot of terminology can only show that you read a lot of articles. It doesn’t mean that your technology is good. You still have to prove it with a project

Find out these noises, and then screen them. The rest is learning. It’s not difficult to do things with your heart


Get to know Daniel from a bunch of technicians

  • There is no XY problem
    XY problems can often be staged in team development
    As a newcomer, I didn’t have enough confidence in my technology. I was worried that the question X was silly, so I found the Y method, but I didn’t know how to realize y, so I asked y. As a result, my colleagues communicated with me for a long time before they knew that I wanted to solve problem x, and y was not the best solution
    Once a colleague who loved to show off his skills in the group @ me and said I had a bug. He directly asked me to solve it with y. I replied. Please tell me what bug
    If someone can analyze what you want to ask through communication, and then let you know how to solve it through your thinking, rather than directly tell you what method to use, he is Daniel
  • on an equal footing
    The colleague who loves to show off technology once told me privately that he has learned the front end very well. There is nothing to learn. He plans to learn some databases. In my heart, I remembered that the architect of the company once told me that he only had a good foundation, but there were still many people better than him. I especially want to ask this colleague, are you stupid or do you think I’m stupid
    One of the reasons why he said this to me is that he is higher than me in the company, and the other is that he knows more than me
    Later, I found that the code he wrote was a lot of problems, asynchronous and nonstandard. I suggested that he use rxjs management. He said that if he didn’t use it, it would damage the project. He asked me to see the source code of node.js and suggested that I write a mini library, otherwise it would be eliminated
    The company has such ‘talents’, but Daniel can’t get in, which is the company’s sorrow; I have such a ‘talent’ belt. I can’t learn technology. This is my sadness
  • No philosophy
    I was lucky to meet someone who likes to talk about philosophy, which made me learn a lot of words:
    There are many benefits
    It should be combined with reality, not too ideal
    I suggest you learn it thoroughly before you convince
    He can’t finish talking about philosophy with you. Don’t talk to him. Remember his words and talk to him with his words in the future. He can’t talk to you either

Distinguish knowledge from a pile of articles

  • The technology exchange platform is a ‘market’
    There are good and bad articles in it, and it’s not easy to distinguish them. It’s enough to know some anecdotes, know a few well-known people, go to their website and read their thoughts
  • The essence is in the book.
    I dare not say that all books are good books, but they are precipitated after screening. The articles freely published on the Internet are easy to read. Don’t be biased because you can’t learn anything. It’s better to read a few books carefully and grasp the foundation
  • Don’t always take other people’s opinions as your own
    I’m tired of those who talk about other people’s remarks. I don’t know why they are sought after? There are also those articles that are washed. They all read the same. I don’t know where the praise comes from?

If you have a Daniel, you can get twice the result with half the effort. The premise is to agree with Daniel’s school

Correct problems

  • Thought set (experience oriented programming)
  • Paranoid Psychology (easy to go to extremes)
  • Idealism (self conflict)

The philosophical colleague issued a code specification, which required some style requirements, and even required that the import statements should be arranged in order. I satirized him that he asked several people to write the code like one person. He said yes, it should be written like one person (idealism). I asked him why do you need each person to set up a git branch? He said that this is normal, This is what big companies do (thinking pattern). I’ll ask him why they don’t use ts. he said that TS is only a type label, and now adding TS will cause incompatibility problems. Powerful programmers don’t use TS (paranoid Psychology)
These three points are the old problems that many programmers are prone to make. Even if someone reminds them, they have to hit the south wall and don’t look back. In the final analysis, they are still too lazy to reflect and make progress

I’m not strong, even my foundation is not good, but I combine knowledge with practice, don’t be impetuous, don’t boast, don’t follow the trend