Front end rookie Chapter 1


It’s so nervous to write this article for the first time. My writing is not good either. I just want to record some difficulties and pits I encountered in the process of learning. Out of order to make complaints about the rookie article, please do not let go of your love to me.
Well, I’m going to get to the point…
First of all, let’s talk about my current state. I just worked in the new company for less than a month. This is also my second internship. I practiced in the first company for five months on the premise of nothing. However, it seems that less than a month in the new company has learned more than the previous five months. So now it’s time to officially step into the front pit. The new company is a start-up company. Although there are not many people, they are all elites. The bosses are all graduates of Peking University and returned from abroad to start a business. How I, a rookie, got in is also an unsolved mystery. I just interviewed for more than an hour and didn’t ask me when I can go to work. I started to work the next day.
Then the company mainly uses react JS, I haven’t touched it before, so I learned a lot in less than a month. The main reason is that the great God took me. My thinking is super clear. What to do at each step is very clear, so I learned very quickly without taking detours. Well, that’s the basic state. The next article will officially enter my learning stage. kiss you

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