Front end Resources Series (4) – front end learning resources sharing & front end interview resources summary


Specially do a summary of front-end learning resources to facilitate their own learning and reference, and make common progress with friends.

This thought that their own collection of sites, can be quickly completed, did not expect a summary into the deep sea. There are still many deficiencies & omissions, welcome to add. If there are mistakes, please correct them

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If you have friends’ reaction and correction, it will be updated in time. It will also be updated from time to time during business work. On September 13, 2018

Content simplification

With so many resources, it’s certainly good to see, learn and summarize. It’s not a waste of time to read more. After all, there are 1000 Lin Daiyu among 1000 readers. Maybe you will find a surprise by reading more contents. However, some contents are also simplified here, including 1-2 items for reference only. More on the classification.

Front end resource tutorial class

There will be a lot of various tutorials, and I have also selected some of them concisely. Just choose one or two that’s right. It’s also great to have time to see dobby.






Mobile web

Wechat applet




Function tools


regular expression


Simple algorithm

Front end synthesis

Front end modular development class

Front end development specification class

Front end Engineering

Engineering tools are not absolute. If you choose the right tools, you may not use them if you have more projects. Anyway, among the projects I know around me, different projects use different tools, which are basically included.

Front end open source git class

Front end well-known blog class

There are many experts in SF, you can go to the rankings and have a look…

Front end development tool class

Front end performance optimization class

Front end interview

The interview questions can be used for us to learn to fill in the blanks, but the interview questions always have a feeling of coping with the interview. Please believe that the interviewer can easily see your weight, master the foundation and improve the technology is the most important. These interview questions are also excellent.

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