Front end micro service solution 1 – Introduction

Front end micro service solution 1 - Introduction
Front end micro service solution


Vue module Pro is a front-end modular and micro service solution based on Vue. Use the latest front-end technology stack, with one click to generate components, projects, global communication, front-end local mock and other functions. Based on the excellent cases of the Internet, the architecture blocks are divided, and rich functional components are provided, which can help you quickly build the prototype of landing enterprise level middle and background products. I believe that no matter what your needs are, this project can help you.


  • One click landing project, creating a new module is no longer painful
  • Cohesive enough, small enough
  • Be able to upgrade smoothly based on the existing framework of the company
  • New people are easy to get started
  • All micro modules of the component support to use
  • Support particle level micro module startup and release
  • One key switch between production and debugging
  • Clear development specification and high team efficiency
  • Project stability improved

Necessity of use

Vue, as a front-end framework of a set of pages, is widely used in companies or small and medium-sized enterprises.


  • The user experience is good and fast, the change of content does not need to reload the whole page, and the pressure on the server is small.
  • Separation of front and rear ends
  • Complete front-end componentization, front-end development is no longer based on the page, more component-based ideas, code structure and organization is more standardized, easy to modify and adjust;

However, when the resources in the project package become larger and larger, the number of pages becomes more and more, and the number of components required for compiling and loading also increases, the following disadvantages exist in the project:


  • Compilation is too slow
  • Packing speed is too slow
  • High online risk
  • The volume of engineering and packaging is getting larger and larger, which is not in line with the idea of agile iteration

SeeNecessity of useChapter.

design idea

Please refer toEngineering design modeChapter.

Browser support

Modern browser, Android 4.0 +, IOS 8.0 +. IE8 and below are not supported.

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