Front-end interview daily 3+1 —— Day 798


Today's knowledge point (2021.06.22) – Day 798 (I'm going to question too)

In the Analects, Zeng Zi said:"Three times in my day to reflect on my body"(I reflect on myself many times a day).
Front-end interviews have 3+1 questions every day, use interview questions to drive learning, and make progress every day!
Let hard work become a habit, let struggle become a kind of enjoyment!
Believepersist inthe power of! ! !

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  • Learning is not closed, charging and refueling are only formeet a better self, 365 days without holidays,5 a.m. every morningHand-published interview questions (Kill yourself, please everyone)。
  • I hope you are herepompousthe front end circle, keepcalm, insist on spending 20 minutes a day to study and think.
  • In this ever-changing front-end where class libraries are emerging one after another, it is recommended that you do not wait until you are looking for a job before madly brushing the questions and advocatingdaily study!(Do not forget the original intention, html, css, javascript is the cornerstone! )
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    hope everyonedailyTo learn and think, this is the purpose of coming here! ! ! (Don't come for anyone, come for yourself!)

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