Front end interview daily 3 + 1 – day 281


Today’s knowledge (January 22, 2020) – day 281

  • [HTML] write a layout, when the page height is not enough, the bottom is fixed below, otherwise it is not fixed
  • [CSS] please use CSS3 to simulate the effect of Chinese / English typing
  • [JS] write a program of arbitrary base conversion
  • [soft skills] when a website encounters performance problems, how do you solve them step by step? Talk about your method

In the Analects of Confucius, Zeng Zi said:“I think twice every day”I reflect on myself many times a day.
Front end interview daily 3 + 1 questions, to interview questions to drive learning, a little progress every day!
Let efforts become a habit, let struggle become an enjoyment!
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Front end interview daily 3 + 1 - day 281

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  • I hope you are herePompousIn the front circle, keepchill, insist on spending 20 minutes every day to study and think.
  • In this ever-changing front-end, class libraries emerge in endlessly. I suggest that you do not wait until you are looking for a jobDaily study!(Remain true to our original aspiration, HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the cornerstone!)
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