Front end interview 3 + 1 per day (weekly total on September 29, 2019)


In the Analects of Confucius, Zeng Zi said:“Three times a day, three times a day”I reflect on myself many times a day.
Front end interview questions 3 + 1 a day, with interview questions to drive learning, make progress every day!
Let effort become a habit, let struggle become a enjoyment!
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  • Learning is not closed, charging is only forMeet a better self, 365 days without holidays,Every morning at 5:00Release interview questions by hand(Kowtow to yourself, please everyone)。
  • I hope you’re hereExaggerationIn the front circle, keepChillKeep on spending 20 minutes a day learning and thinking.
  • At the front end of this ever-changing and endless class library, it is suggested that you should not wait until you are looking for a job to scribble and advocateDaily learning!(Remain true to our original aspiration, HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the cornerstone!)
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[recommended] welcome to work with jsliang to toss the front-end, and sort out the front-end knowledge systematically. At present, we are tossing leetcode, intending to get through the two channels of algorithm and data structure. GitHub address

Front end interview 3 + 1 per day (weekly total on September 29, 2019)


  • What are the properties of meta? What is the function of their differences?
  • Why don’t we need DTD in HTML5?
  • What does front-end routing mean? What are the benefits of it? How can it be implemented?
  • What’s the difference between XPath and DOM?
  • Have you ever used HTML5 output? What is its function?
  • How does HTML5 call cameras?
  • How to check whether the browser supports HTML5 features?


  • What are the operations that will cause reflow and retain?
  • Have you ever used clip path? What is your understanding of it and what are its application scenarios?
  • How do you choose setting and normalizing? Why?
  • What happens when the features of position and margin collapse are superimposed on each other?
  • Has the layout of mobile terminal used media query? Write a try
  • What are the CSS techniques you know?
  • [what are the colors of the first line and the second line? And explain why? [Code]] (
.red {color:red;}
.green {color:green;}

< div class = "red green" > line 1: what is the color? </div>
< div class = "green red" > line 2: what is the color? </div>


  • How to download a zip file?
  • How to use websql?
  • How can JS drag and drop sort?
  • How to create a worker thread in JavaScript?
  • Write a way to watermark the picture
  • Talk about your understanding of execution context
  • What’s the use of semicolons at the beginning of code in some JS libraries? Can I change it to something else besides the semicolon?

Soft skills

  • How to optimize the front-end resources?
  • Talk about your understanding of the daily development process of front-end engineers
  • How do you usually manage projects?
  • What are the methods of performance optimization on the mobile end?
  • Do you know what a blob URL is? Why use it?
  • Do you know the time quadrant? Talk about your understanding of it
  • Do you know what a secondary or tertiary domain name is? For example



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Front end interview 3 + 1 per day (weekly total on September 29, 2019)