Front end interview 3 + 1 per day (weekly total on November 17, 2019)


In the Analects of Confucius, Zeng Zi said:“Three times a day, three times a day”I reflect on myself many times a day.
Front end interview daily 3 + 1 questions, to interview questions to drive learning, a little progress every day!
Let effort become a habit, let struggle become a enjoyment!
believeInsistPower of!!!

  • Learning is not closed, charging is only forMeet a better self, 365 days without holidays,Every morning at 5:00Release interview questions by hand(Kowtow to yourself, please everyone)。
  • I hope you are hereExaggerationIn the front circle, keepChillKeep on spending 20 minutes a day learning and thinking.
  • At the front end of this ever-changing and endless class library, it is suggested that you should not wait until you are looking for a job to scribble and advocateDaily learning!(Remain true to our original aspiration, HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the cornerstone!)
  • Welcome toIssuesCommunication, encouragementPRThank you.Star, what good suggestions can you add to my wechat to discuss together!

I hope you all.everydayTo learn and think, this is to achieve the purpose here!!! Don’t come for who, come for yourself

After all, a person’s ability is limited, the collective strength is infinite! You are welcome to join us to contribute the topic forFront end interview 3 + 1 per dayOpen source community contribution! Click I also want to contribute your topic, let’s challenge your topic together!

[recommended] welcome to work with jsliang to toss the front-end, and sort out the front-end knowledge systematically. At present, we are tossing leetcode, intending to get through the two channels of algorithm and data structure. GitHub address

Front end interview 3 + 1 per day (weekly total on November 17, 2019)


  • Have you ever used marquee?
  • What are the application scenarios of the required attribute in HTML5?
  • What’s the way to set the background color for a single table cell?
  • How do I automatically move to a new page?
  • How to prevent others from stealing my source code or pictures?
  • There are so many HTML tags, do I have to remember them all? What if not?
  • What if you miss a closed tag when writing HTML?


  • How to make picture width adaptive?
  • Realize the vertical typesetting of text
  • Have you ever used VW layout? What’s the difference with REM?
  • What are the common cursor values?
  • What are the clear values?
  • Write out the execution order of: link,: visited,: hover,: active
  • Realize a layout with fixed top and bottom and automatic filling in the middle


  • Maximize and minimize windows with JS
  • How does JS print the specified area?
  • Write a method to check whether all labels in the page are closed correctly
  • What are the common BOM attributes and methods?
  • Write a method to determine whether the current script is running in the browser or node environment
  • Write a method, pass in the number x, and find two numbers from a one-dimensional array that match “N1 + N2 = x”
  • Do you know what pajax is? What’s the difference between Ajax and it? What are its application scenarios?

Soft skills

  • Our company usually organizes badminton activities. Do you like playing badminton? How’s it going?
  • Do you know our company? What do you know about our company
  • Do you know the difference between binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal? What are their application scenarios?
  • Have you ever used agile development for projects in your company? Please talk about your understanding of agile development
  • What other technologies do you know besides the front end? What is your best skill?
  • Talk about your understanding of the boundaries of self-knowledge
  • [have you ever considered the boundary problem in the normal development? Talk about your understanding of the border! ](…



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Front end interview 3 + 1 per day (weekly total on November 17, 2019)

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