Front-end interview 3 + 1 per day – 172 days


Today’s Knowledge Points (2019.10.05) – Day 172

  • How many ways are HTML annotations written? Is there any norm?
  • [css] Do you know what fluid typesetting is? What is its principle?
  • What’s the difference between [js] ES5 and ES6 and ES7?
  • [Soft Skills] Explain the difference between single-threaded and multi-threaded?

The Analects of Confucius, Zeng Zi said:“Three Provinces in My Day and My Body”I reflect on myself many times a day.
Front-end interview 3 + 1 questions a day, to interview questions to drive learning, a little progress every day!
Let hard work become a habit, let struggle become a kind of enjoyment!

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Front-end interview 3 + 1 per day - 172 days

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  • I hope you are here.ExaggerationIn the front end circle, keepChillStick to spending 20 minutes a day studying and thinking.
  • In this ever-changing and endless front-end of class libraries, we recommend that you do not wait until you find a job before brushing the topic, advocateDaily study!(Remain true to our original aspirationHtml, css, JavaScript are the cornerstones!
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