Front end developers quickly create local servers


I. HTTP server
Step 1 install nodejs
Step 2 install HTTP server module
Operate in the command line, CD command enters a project file of yours, for example, APP folder is your project folder, CD app
Enter the command NPM install – G HTTP server to install the module
Step 3 turn on the server
Enter HTTP server on the command line

II. Anywhere
1. install node
2. After installation, we open CMD and input the command line 1: node – V. here is the query node version. The version number indicates that the installation is successful.
3. Enter the command line NPM install anywhere – G, where is the global variable
4. Find the static folder where you want to start the local server, execute the command: anywhere, it will automatically pop up your project page

III. live server
Download live server
Terminal access to project file
The terminal executes the live server command

IV. the front end uses the vscode editor to install the live service plug-in