From Net development to achieve cloud native operation and maintenance (II) – Net core ecology


1. new start from Net 6.0 start

. Net 6.0, as a long-term supported version, is a milestone. From Net5.0 will Net framework and After the merger of. Net core, in Net5.0 has been improved again Net 6.0 is perfect. It was also mentioned in the last article Net 6.0. If you are interested, you can see the official documents.

Announcing .NET 6 — The Fastest .NET Yet

. Net introduction

2. based on Net

As a full stack development framework, the surrounding ecology is certainly needed. Just like the ecology of Java, what kind of wheels can attract many people to use.

2.1 some official code bases

2.2 some open source libraries and projects

3. based on Net full stack development

I feel that if a technology stack is flexible and powerful enough, only using one technology stack can really leave a lot of costs, just like based on Net, if a company does not have enough manpower and the business changes are not frequent, based on a technology stack, the basic library and some common codes can be shared, which can also save a lot of costs.

The following figure is an example of Microsoft’s latest podcast website and app, using asp NET Core, Blazor, . NET MAUI, Azure Container Apps。

.NET Conf 2021 Recap – Videos, Slides, Demos, and More


yes. Net development and windows related technologies, you can pay attention to the updates of the following websites.

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in Fastems.Common.dll,   Fastems.Mms.Client.BaseData.Views, In Fixtures/Views/FixtureLibraryView.xaml, the data source of Fixtures has been unclear. The records are as follows. The data source of the View is the Fixtures in Fastems.Mms.Client.Fixtures.ViewModel.FixtureLibraryViewModel, And the source of Fixtures is Fixtures = new PagingCollection(_fixtures, FixtureFilterSources);   BatchingObservableCollection _fixtures; _fixtures creates a collection object BatchingObservableCollection in the constructor public class BatchingObservableCollection : […]