From a large energy consumer to an intelligent green office, it only takes one step!


Analysis of office energy consumption in traditional enterprises

Computer energy consumption analysis:Annual electricity consumption: 1.4 kWh1.2 yuan365 days = 613.2 yuan, annual electricity consumption * N sets =???

Energy consumption analysis of water dispenser:The power of the water dispenser is generally about 600 watts, and the cost of a year is 0.6 kW10 hours1.2 yuan365 days = 2628 yuan. Cost of one yearN sets =???

Printer energy consumption analysis:Taking HP color laser printer as an example, the energy-saving state is 12W. If it can be shut down regularly at the end of work, the electricity cost that can be saved in a year is 0.012kw20 hours365 days * 1.2 yuan = 105.12 yuan.

From a large energy consumer to an intelligent green office, it only takes one step!

After a pile of data, you may feel that the energy consumption is not very high? However, the above is only the power consumption of some typical office equipment. In addition to the above equipment, there are air conditioners, display screens, lights and other equipment. The energy consumption is amazing in a year.

As an important part of enterprise cash cost, energy consumption cost is not only a pain and difficulty that enterprises urgently need to solve, but also one of the important focus nodes for enterprises to reduce cost and increase efficiency. In addition, the traditional office industry has the following pain points:

Delayed information feedback and low transparency:Visitor reception has been one of the important channels for major companies to display their brands and capabilities. However, the attendant problems such as inaccurate visitor information and opaque binding information in the conference room have made the administrative staff very anxious. How to break the problems of information lag and inaccuracy has become an urgent matter for enterprises;

Low digitization and high management cost:The enterprise lacks historical records of asset intermediate tracking management process (such as purchase / transfer / transfer / maintenance / disposal). It is difficult to control the asset process management, which can not effectively control the errors, losses and other problems in the asset flow management process, and the process is cumbersome and prone to errors. The management operation does not form a log. Finally, the fixed assets in the financial book cannot correspond to the physical assets in the administrative management.

Technology driven, office space upgrading and transformation

Facing the rapidly changing external environment, the traditional office space model of enterprises needs to keep pace with the times. In the transformation of strategy, organization, human resources and management concept, enterprises need to promote timely and appropriately, embrace digital transformation, so as to adapt to the changing internal and external environment and meet the needs of enterprises for continued survival, development and growth.

For different customer groups and scenarios, there are two solutions on the market:

Intelligent enterprise office space: office space for independent business owners. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, Internet of things, cloud computing and other technologies, enterprise digitization and intelligence are gradually becoming the industry standard. The application of energy consumption management, intelligent conference room, intelligent lighting, environmental detection, intelligent security and other systems in enterprises will greatly beautify the enterprise office environment, stimulate employees’ sense of belonging, improve enterprise operation efficiency and enhance the enterprise brand image.

Scale of shared office space: according to the report data of AI media consulting industry, from 2019 to 2020, China’s shared office industry experienced an industry trough, but the trend of office consumption upgrading still exists, and the proportion of shared office enterprises in the office industry is still small. The future market development potential is huge. The market scale of shared office industry will reach 136.82 billion yuan in 2020, It is estimated that the scale will reach 227.35 billion yuan in 2022.

From a large energy consumer to an intelligent green office, it only takes one step!

Data source: AI media data center (data. Iimedia. CN)

One stop solution for graffiti intelligent office space

The graffiti smart office space solution is based on the rich “powered by Tuya” intelligent hardware product ecology, such as intelligent water dispenser, intelligent locker, intelligent curtain, intelligent lighting, etc. it also provides multi-terminal SDK such as Android, IOS and applet, as well as cloud APIs such as device control and scene linkage to help its own SaaS system developers, Create a healthy office environment with the functions of shared reservation, intelligent energy saving, intelligent lighting, equipment linkage and so on.

The simple architecture diagram of smart office space solution is shown below:

From a large energy consumer to an intelligent green office, it only takes one step!

The intellectualization of smart office space is mainly divided into three areas:

Smart meeting room:Effectively supervise the status of conference resources, establish a full life cycle conference service system from the integrated conference management of search query, appointment notification, status display, approval and maintenance and personnel services, and multiple linkage with a variety of systems and intelligent hardware to bring intelligent, efficient and easy intelligent conference room management experience to enterprises;

Smart office area:Assist enterprises in fine classification management of fixed seats and shared seats, cooperate with the process platform to realize automatic linkage processing, and simplify multi platform manual operation; Join hands with intelligent hardware to realize intelligent office upgrading based on Internet of things;

Smart leisure area:Through the intelligent linkage of intelligent drinking fountains, intelligent IPC and other hardware and related applications, help enterprises simplify the use process of employees, improve the operation efficiency of enterprises and stimulate the sense of belonging of employees.

Hand in hand graffiti, seek development in change

With the gradual easing of the impact of the epidemic, the office space industry has broad long-term growth space, which will also bring a new round of fighting in the office space industry. To break out of this “smoke of gunpowder”, intelligence is the general trend. Graffiti intelligent office space solution is based on more than 252000 powered by Tuya intelligent products, covering services in more than 220 countries and regions, radiating more than 100000 online and offline sales channels around the world, and helping customers in the office space industry to realize the whole industry standardized closed loop, from visitor management, conference management, station management, to security management and energy management. Whether it is a shared office, a group company or a traditional company, graffiti intelligence can provide it with a one-stop solution integrating open source technology, operation tools and sales channels, so as to help the digitization, intellectualization and online of the customer’s office space!

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