Friends circle invitation material template download


FIGO free online design, FIGO design, a newly released online graphic design tool. With it, Xiaobai without any drawing foundation can create a professional graphic work in only 5 minutes. Now, open the veil and count the six features of FICO design tools. Let’s learn about them together!

Friends circle invitation material template download

1、 6 scenarios, 46 categories

FIGO design provides plane templates for 6 scenes, including advertising and printing, online media, office documents, e-commerce promotion, cards and life. These are the most commonly used scenes. The six scenes can be divided into 46 vertical categories. For example, the first picture template of wechat official account article is suitable for new media people, for example, the main picture template of Taobao store is suitable for e-commerce operators, and for example, the resume template is suitable for job seekers. In addition, there are several ready-made templates under each category, and replacement words can be used.

2、 Drag and drop convenient operation

Ready made templates are easy to use, but they need to be modified occasionally. FIGO design provides convenient operation. If you want to change the position of the text, drag it; If you want to change the size of the picture and text, adjust it. It is easy to operate like a fool. I believe many novices can master it quickly!

3、 Rich elements

If you want to design exquisite graphic works, you can’t do without the decoration of elements. FIGO design has rich vector icons, decorative symbols, tables, maps, etc. Through simple combination, you can also customize and design amazing graphic works.

4、 Beautiful text box template

In graphic design, text is undoubtedly an important part. Monotonous plain text can not meet your aesthetic needs, so choose a good-looking text box. One click to add to the canvas. Various text box templates are designed by a professional designer team to ensure high-quality appearance.

5、 Massive commercially available pictures

It is also easy to replace the pictures in the template by entering keywords in the search box. The pictures presented can be used for free. There is no need to worry about copyright! You can also upload your own pictures and add them to the canvas. In addition, the background pictures designed by FIGO are also very beautiful and colorful, which will certainly satisfy your “appetite”!

6、 One click sharing and export

The most important thing is to export the finished pictures. FIGO supports the export of works to PNG, JPG and PDF image formats, and also supports the generation of a unique sharing link for works, which can be viewed by opening the link to facilitate sharing with wechat friends.

FIGO online graphic design tool is defined as a basic tool with zero threshold. It can be started in one minute and mapped in three minutes, which not only improves efficiency, but also brings us fun in design.

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