Fresh and hot 2017 windows front-end development environment installation configuration


Install choco

Choco is the command-line software installation tool of homebrew similar to MAC on windows,
PressWindows key -QSearch for power shell, right-click to selectRun as Administrator, open and paste the following code to run

iwr -UseBasicParsing | iex

Installing common software with choco

choco install nodejs git yarn sublimetext3 cmder shadowsocks
  • Yarn better NPM

  • Cmder more friendly CMD

  • Shadowlocks FQ tool

By the way, open sublime’s installation home directory, copy path, and add the system’sPathIn environment variable, you cancmderOf usesubl vue-studyOpen the corresponding directory or file

Install sublime text common extensions

  1. For the convenience of introduction, the following is usedcspreplacectrl-shift-p

  2. Click the sublime text menu barTools > Install Package Control...Install package control

  3. csp > install package, search and install the following plug-ins in turn:

    • Material theme, a better theme, needs to be installedcsp > active theme, press the up and down keys to select and enable the theme

    • All plug-ins related to Vue, providing Vue syntax highlighting and code snippets

    • Bootstrap 4 (or 3) related plug-ins, providing bootstrap class prompts and code snippets

    • Sidebar enhancements right mouse button menu enhancements

    • Gitgutter identifies changes to the file

    • Insert filepath to insert CSS or JS file path in HTML, pressctrl-alt-iEnter the file name directly, such as bootstrap

Using NPM to install common tools

npm install -g gulp-cli webpack-cli vue-cli 
npm install -g cnpm --registry=

Install the most friendly PHP running environment – phpstudy

Please refer to After installation, the root directory of the website is generallyD:/phpStudy/WWWCan be used as the project root directory of front-end development.
You can also add PHP folders to environment variables to run PHP on the command line

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