Free WeChat official account H5 API tickets online


The free H5 online movie ticket API enables movie ticket purchase by nesting the returned H5 page URL.

Interface documentation:…, apply for appkey through this

Interface remarks: you can get the URL of H5 through the request, which is permanently valid at one time, and can be nested into the corresponding application or website

Interface address:
Supported format: JSON
Request method: http get / post
Request example:…

Request parameter description:

name type Required explain
key string yes The key you applied for

Return Parameter Description:

name type explain
error_code int Status code
h5url string URL of H5 page

JSON return example:

    "Reason": "request succeeded",
    "result": {
        "h5url": " ", / * H5 page URL, permanently valid*/
        "h5weixin": " "/ * official account of WeChat public No. h5*/
    "error_code": 0