Four steps to get big data, Linux to big data learning routes (absolutely must see)


Linux Learning Roadmap
Four steps to get big data, Linux to big data learning routes (absolutely must see)

Operational maintenance learning needs to be divided into four stages:

(1) Introduction to Linux

(2) Linux Intermediate Advancement

(3) Linux Advanced Promotion

Fourthly, the direction of seniority is refined.

Phase 1: Preliminary introduction

Basic knowledge of Linux, basic commands (origin, composition, common commands such as cp, ls, file, mkdir, etc.)
Linux User and Privilege Base
Advancement of Linux System Process Management
Linux Efficient Text and File Processing Commands (vim, grep, sed, awk, find, etc.)
Stage 2: Intermediate Advancement (Basic Operations and Maintenance)

Intermediate advancement needs to have a thorough understanding of the Linux principles and basic knowledge, and to learn the application and services of the upper layer.

TCP/IP network infrastructure (almost CCNA, NP knowledge is enough)
Common Linux Enterprise Services (such as dns, http, ftp, mail, nfs, etc.)
Linux Enterprise Security Principles and Preventive Skills (System Performance/Security, Security Threat Model and Protection Method)
The Principle of Encryption/Decryption and the Basis of Data Security, System Service Access Control and Service Security
Construction of iptables security policy
Shell script advancement (mainly with some applications, writing some cases)
MySQL Application Principle and Introduction to Management (Can Manage and Build a Personal Blog Site)
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Stage 3: Advanced Operations and Maintenance

HTTP service proxy cache acceleration (mainly learning varnish, nginx cache system, to understand the knowledge of CDN.)
Enterprise Load Cluster (among them, learning nginx, haproxy, LVS should master the main knowledge skillfully and have a clear understanding of load balancing algorithm,)
Enterprise High Availability Clusters (which require in-depth explanation of keepalived, heartbeat, etc.)
Operation and maintenance monitoring ZABBIX detailed (mainly zabbix, cacti, Nagios and other monitoring systems, now the use of more zabbix)
Operations and Maintenance Automation Learning (need to learn the use of some open source operations and maintenance automation tools such as ansible, puppet, cobbler and other operations and maintenance automation tools)
Stage 4: Senior Direction

Big Data Direction (Haoop, Storm, etc.) Cloud Computing Direction (mainly openstack, of course, some virtualization technologies such as kvm, etc.) also needs to be mastered. Docker is also popular nowadays.
Operations and Maintenance Development (mainly Pthon Operations and Maintenance Development)
Automation Operations and Maintenance (in-depth on the basis of previous automation)
Operations and Maintenance Architect (mainly need breadth, almost 5 years or more experience, can take this position)