Four steps of creating table space and user in Oracle


/*There are four steps*/

/*Step 1: create a temporary table space (Note: D: project, oracletablespace, fhaddmin, create path manually)  */

create temporary tablespace C##FHADMIN_TEMP  

tempfile 'D:\Project\OracleTableSpace\FHADMIN\C##FHADMIN_TEMP.dbf' 

size 50m  

autoextend on  

next 50m maxsize 20480m  

extent management local;

/*Step 2: create the data table space   */

create tablespace C##FHADMIN_DATA


datafile 'D:\Project\OracleTableSpace\FHADMIN\C##FHADMIN_DATA.dbf' 

size 50m  

autoextend on  

next 50m maxsize 20480m  

extent management local;

/*Step 3: create a user and specify that the table space password is root*/

create user C##FHADMIN identified by root

default tablespace C##FHADMIN_DATA

temporary tablespace C##FHADMIN_TEMP;

/*Step 4: give the user permission to  */

grant connect,resource,dba to C##FHADMIN;



———————–Separation of spring boot framework vue.js————–


[framework platform] springboot framework vue.js separates fashion style


Instant messaging: support friends, groups, send pictures, files, messages, voice reminders, offline messages, keep chat records


(the instant chat function supports the mobile terminal, and the details are shown below)


Workflow module———————————————————————————————————-


1. Model management     : Web online process designer, preview process XML, export XML, deploy process


2. Process management     : Import and export process resource file, view process diagram, reflect process model according to process instance, activate suspend


3. Running process: view process information, current task node, current flow chart, void and suspend process, assign to-do person


4. Historical process: view process information, process time, process status and task initiator information


5. To do tasks    : View my personal tasks and tasks under this role, handle, reject, void, and assign an agent


6. Tasks done    : Check the tasks you have handled, process information, flow chart and process status (normal completion)

Note:When the current task is finished, the next task to-do person will receive the new task message reminder through instant messaging, which will be regarded as the end of the task,
The task initiator will receive a message notification from the station



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