Formatted string output of Python print() function


By using floating-point number and string to explain the format printing method of ptint() function, we can print the information we need on the console at will in the development process.


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The first is the format printing method of the decimal point in the console.

Format the decimal point by%. 3F

Print ("%. 3F"% 3.1415926) # keep 3 decimal places

Print ("%. 2F"% 3.1415926) # keep 2 decimal places

Format the decimal point by {:. 3F}

Print ("{:. 3F}". Format (3.1415926)) # keep 3 decimal places

Print ("{:. 2F}". Format (3.1415926)) # keep 2 decimal places

Ensure the formatting of decimal points through the round() function

Print (round (3.1415926, 3)) # retains 3 decimal places

Next is the string formatting method.

Initialize a and B strings for string formatting

A = 'the result of a is:'
b = 10

Format using%

print(" %s%d " % (a, b))

Use the format () function to format. A and B are formatted in order by default


Format with format() function and format with ‘{0} {1}’ placeholder


Format with format() function and format with ‘{a} {B}’ parameter value placeholder


“>” use right alignment

Print ('name: {0:>5} \ ntype: {1:>5}'.format ('official account ',' Python concentration camp '))

Print ('name: {0:<5} \ ntype: {1:<5}'.format ('official account ',' Python concentration camp '))

Format using f ‘{}’, which supports Python 3 Version above 6

Print (the result of f'a is: {a} the result of B is: {B} ')

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