For just $15, enjoy all of O’Reilly’s online learning resources!


O’Reilly is a world-famous information technology book publishing company, which provides readers with rich online learning resources, butIndividual members $499 / year, which is not a small expense. The author found that by registering ACM members, as long as15 U.S. dollars / yearYou can enjoy all the learning materials of O’Reilly, read 1-2 books and earn back the membership fee!
For just , enjoy all of O'Reilly's online learning resources!

Here are the specific practical methods to share with you: there are mainly two ways, one is to register ACM members through CCF assistance, the other is to register directly on the official website of ACM.

CCF helps to register ACM members

You need to register for CCF membership (student 50 yuan / year, adult 200 yuan / year), and then log in to CCF website to assist in registering for ACM membership through CCF website. The registration information is as follows:

Payment standard: Member: 175 yuan; student member: 133 yuan
When will membership take effect?

According to the agreement between CCF and ACM, CCF member department shall submit the member information paid in the current month to ACM on the 25th of each month (in case of weekend, it shall be advanced to Friday or extended to Monday). ACM will send an email to the applicant about the 10th of the next month, and the payment voucher, member number and member validity will be sent to the email.

Direct registration on ACM official website

The principle of official website registration preference is that ACM offers discounts to developing countries, China or developing countries,According to the data of January 15, 2020, adults are $15 / year and students are $8 / year。 If there is an American credit card, it will be very convenient to register. If not, you can find a payment agent on a treasure. It is also more cost-effective to calculate the exchange rate and handling fee than CCF’s assistance in registration. The registration link is as follows:

  1. Professional member (non student) discount registration link
  2. Student member registration link

After completing the information submission, ACM will generate data and charging links in the background,Keep this charge link in mind
For just , enjoy all of O'Reilly's online learning resources!

Optional: if you need to pay on behalf of others, send the charging link to the payment agent. ACM will send an email to your email after the payment, activate the account and set the password according to the link and webpage prompt in the email.

Comparison of two schemes

Comparison item CCF ACM
entry-into-force time Submitted to ACM on the 25th of each month, effective on the 10th of the following month Immediate effect
Price 375 for adults and 183 for students Adults $15, students $8
Equity CCF membership + ACM membership ACM membership interests

Through comparison, we can find that,If you are a working software developer, it is most cost-effective to register ACM member directly

Go to the O’Reilly learning website

After registration, you may not find how to use ACM’s account to enter O’Reilly’s learning resources page. Here are three methods: Web page, app and ACM official website. ​


Browser input you log in, enter the account mailbox of ACM, and it will automatically jump to the unified authentication web page of ACM, enter the account password of ACM, and enter the O’Reilly learning web page after success.
For just , enjoy all of O'Reilly's online learning resources!
For just , enjoy all of O'Reilly's online learning resources!

Mobile terminal App

The login mode of mobile terminal is the same as that of web page terminal. When entering ACM mailbox, O’Reilly will automatically jump to ACM unified authentication page, enter ACM account password, and automatically jump back to O’Reilly app after success.

For just , enjoy all of O'Reilly's online learning resources!
For just , enjoy all of O'Reilly's online learning resources!

ACM website jump

Visit the ACM Learning Center, and click the top right cornerO’Reilly, you can jump to the O’Reilly learning center.
For just , enjoy all of O'Reilly's online learning resources!


  • Members of ACM can watch all the books and videos of O’Reilly. It’s delicious
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