Focus on smart city life service, Baidu and beta intelligence press “accelerator”


Small and medium-sized enterprises are the new force and important cornerstone of national economic development. However, novel coronavirus pneumonia and the southern flood situation have brought severe tests to the small and medium-sized enterprises this year. Survival or destruction, this is the reality that most enterprises face every day in 2020. The tuyere is easy to blow, the landing is difficult, the tide recedes, the pace slows down, and thinking about the future.

“Some of the park projects we won last year have been postponed this year because of the epidemic and the flood.” The founder of beta intelligence recalled. As a high-tech enterprise independently researching and developing AI intelligent devices in the field of smart Park, beta intelligence has been established since 2016. Like most AI start-ups, its main task is still to continuously upgrade technology iterative products. What’s different is that beta intelligence is ready to meet market difficulties and defines 2020 as its “gap year”.

Run when the wind comes, think when the wind stops

In the post epidemic stage of orderly restoration of economic and social order, the thinking on artificial intelligence, smart city and social governance is more mature and long-term.

As early as 1990, the concepts of “smart city”, “fast system” and “global network” were put forward. With the development of technology, smart city is generally defined as: it can maximize the use of communication and information technology methods to analyze, sense and integrate the core information of key urban systems, and then make intelligent response to various needs including environmental protection, people’s livelihood, urban services, public safety, industrial and commercial activities, so as to create a better urban life for mankind. As a company that provides solutions and hardware equipment for smart city construction, beta intelligent’s products are more inclined to the field of urban services, especially the intelligent services of parks and communities, and become the “first scene” that many people have intimate contact with artificial intelligence and can intuitively perceive in their daily life.

For example, the face recognition storage cabinet can provide space for moms to temporarily store large and small bags in the park; AI intelligent trail allows children and old people to measure their movements without wearing any hardware equipment; the park’s ar park guide guides you around the park to provide guidance and introduction; and the interaction brought by the AR large screen, which can regulate the “Tai Chi” action, that the old people like And so on. Beta intelligence, which is equipped with the park intelligent devices independently developed by Baidu brain AI frontier algorithm, enables everyone to enjoy the convenience and innovation brought by AI in the park and community.

Focus on smart city life service, Baidu and beta intelligence press

(system architecture of beta smart Park)

So far, beta Smart has implemented more than 30 smart park projects all over the country, and cooperated with the local government to build many local first AI smart parks, including Haidian Park, the world’s first AI Park, and parks in Chongqing, Tianjin, Xining, Tangshan, Yangquan and other cities.

Strengthen the direction of “the trend of the times” and slow down to practice internal skills

Demand is developing. If the original demand weakens, we should patiently explore the next one. It is a good strategic choice to turn the crisis into a “gap year” when most people are slowing down together. “As an enterprise, we should look at policies in the short term and development in the long term. In the past two years, policies such as new infrastructure and digital infrastructure are actually supporting artificial intelligence, and we are in the direction of combining the two. ” In the view of the founder and CEO of beta intelligence, “a powerful country in science and technology must be the keynote of the future.”. Therefore, making AI products that are really close to the needs of the public and serve the public will make great progress. “The construction of the smart park is in line with the policy, the daily leisure and entertainment needs of the citizens, and even the spiritual civilization needs.” He added.

For example, the new generation of AR intelligent big screen of beta intelligence integrates ten kinds of martial arts, including Taijiquan, Baduanjin, Wuqinxi, baguazhang, wubuquan, taijifan, Yijinjing, Daoyin health preserving, warming up before Gong and Xingyiquan. It uses AR and AI technology to standardize martial arts movements, so that the public can participate in learning and interaction, strengthen their body and have more entertainment and interaction at the same time. In fact, when seizing the time to “practice internal skills” in 2020, beta intelligent products have been iterating rapidly in response to the demand. In addition to the new generation of AR intelligent large screen, its “star product” intelligent trail has also been upgraded to the third generation. On the basis of recording movement information, it can also display real-time environmental monitoring data and passenger flow statistics, and use AI technology to “add code” multi-dimensional intelligent life to enrich citizens’ spiritual and cultural life.

Focus on smart city life service, Baidu and beta intelligence press

(beta intelligent products ar intelligent large screen)

In addition to “cultivating internal skills”, we should also accumulate experience to analyze and grasp more of the future. “In my opinion, we should not only build a ‘model’ as a smart city, but also build more in-depth content. In the future, the park will become a good offline interaction scene and a valuable natural offline “information flow.” Zhang Kaiyi has a longer-term strategic plan for his entrepreneurial path. In his eyes, with the help of AI technology to help urban managers create more spiritual civilization construction, it also contains huge commercial prospects and value. “To catch up with 2020, this period just slows down. We need to plan well.”

Focus on smart city life service, Baidu and beta intelligence press

(beta intelligent trail products)

Open to all opportunities and take advantage of them

However, for beta intelligence, although more than 30 smart park projects have been implemented all over the country, as a solution provider, it has not yet formed a brand and its popularity is not high. Few people know that it is in a weak position in matching resources with the demand side. “Our role is a developer, or a platform provider, so many people don’t know about us.” In 2020, beta intelligence’s thinking of “long-term development” will naturally have the link of “building a brand”.

For a long time, AI start-ups, especially solution manufacturers, have been playing a “behind the scenes” role, so even with independent R & D, it is difficult to form “independent brand”; coupled with the dual threshold of technology and application, it is often difficult for the market demanders to find matching resources. While domestic AI leading geese like Baidu are building AI ecology, considering that many AI start-ups like beta intelligence will encounter similar problems, they have launched the AI market to open up the upstream and downstream products and services of the AI industry chain. At the same time, they provide absolute convenience for enterprises to purchase AI services and realize one-stop AI enabling business. To make a “cake” bigger, we should first prosper a category. Since the launch of Baidu AI market, the number of service providers has increased rapidly. At present, it has attracted nearly 1000 service providers to settle in, and the effect is gratifying.

Beta intelligence launched four products in Baidu AI market, and business opportunities also followed. At present, in addition to cooperating with Baidu in Haidian Park, we have completed the order of Xining sports park under the recommendation of Baidu AI market. Xining sports park through Baidu AI market to see beta intelligent products, baidu AI market credit and brand endorsement, beta intelligent and Xining Sports Park quickly into a single. “At present, Xining sports park has purchased our star product” intelligent trail “, with an order amount of about 1 million.” Zhang Kaiyi said.

Focus on smart city life service, Baidu and beta intelligence press

(Baidu AI: the enterprise store of beta intelligence in the market)

“Only those who follow the general trend can make great achievements.”. Since the reform and opening up, all the enterprises that “follow the trend” have created their “golden age” without exception. At present, the “new infrastructure” is undoubtedly a “wave of technological revolution” in the tide of the times. It is surging and vigorously beating this era, becoming a milestone note. The start-up companies living in 2020 should see it, rational and ready for the future.