Focus on Android 11: a new tool for game development


Focus on Android 11: a new tool for game development

Author / Greg hartrell, head of game product management for Android and Google play

In the previous “weeksof Android” series, we introduced contact and identity, privacy and security, Android 11 compatibility, development language, jetpack, Android Developer Tools, Google play application distribution and profitability. This issue will focus onGame development, help you better understand your game performance, cover more devices and new audiences, and successfully enter the market through Google play.

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Android tools for mobile game development

  • Android Studio 4.1: the improved CPU profiler can display more data. The native memory profiler adds memory visualization, startup analysis function and sampling rate configuration. In addition, the Android studio analyzer can now be opened in a separate interface. Read the article to learn more about system trace and native memory, and update Android studio now for more analytical performance.
  • Android game development extension: for developers who use C / C + + to build games on multiple platforms, we continue to expand visual studio, including adding support for visual studio 2019 and launching a stand-alone Android studio analyzer. Register developer preview to integrate your visual studio workflow.
  • Android GPU Inspector: in depth exploration of Android device GPU to better understand your game performance bottleneck, combined with the unique insights provided by the tools, you can optimize the graphics performance and improve the game experience. Sign up for developer preview and follow our upcoming public beta.

Cover more devices and users

  • Android Performance Tuner: more convenient for more Android users to provide quality game experience. Evaluate frame rate performance and graphics fidelity, and optimize between them to achieve a wide range of stable frame rate in the entire Android device ecosystem. Integrate unity plug-ins or perform custom integration. You can watch the video to learn more.
  • Android Game SDK: easier to achieve smoother frame rate and manage input latency on Android. Game SDK is now integrated into jetpack, so game libraries such as frame packing API or Android performance tuner can be more easily integrated into the game. Get the SDK now or integrate it into the game through jetpack.
  • Play Asset Delivery: the flexible delivery mode, automatic update and incremental patch of play asset delivery (PAD) can reduce the delivery cost and reduce the game size while improving the user experience. Gameloft uses pad to increase user retention, which is 10% higher than the previous resource delivery system. From August 2021, all new applications will need to use the app bundle format: at the same time, the old APK extension file (OBB) will be discarded, making play asset delivery the standard release option for games above 150MB.
  • Using Google play tools to protect game integrity and fairness: reduce the cost of dealing with profit and distribution abuse, and protect your games, players and business. After using integrity and business APIs, some partners found and reduced potential hacking attacks by up to 40% and reduced fraudulent purchase attempts by up to 30%. They expressed interest in automatic integrity protection EAP.

Win market share

  • Play game service – friends: now open to test to help players easily make friends on Android games. Millions of players now have a brand new platform level friends list that developers can access to build and enhance in-game friend networks and make your game appear in a new cluster of play games apps. Use Google play game service friends in your game now.
  • Pre registration: increase initial installation through pre registration and automatic installation on the first day. Early experiments have shown that the first day of installation can be increased by 20% with this new feature. We also optimized the first day notification for pre registered users. You can try the new pre registration menu in the play developer console to access this feature.
  • Play store update: we are updating the home page of the game, presenting moving pictures and wonderful videos with exquisite visual effect details, providing arcade browsing experience, and helping users find new games that meet their personal preferences. You can learn more about how to use the best quality resources to optimize the product details page.
  • In app review: the new in app review API is part of the play core library. Users can leave comments in the game without returning to the application details page. Please check out the previous article “how to get more quality user feedback?”? Do in the new application evaluation “detailed understanding.

You can go to the official documentation to learn about these tools and more, or you can subscribe to the game Quarterly Bulletin for the latest information.

More exciting

You can check out the full play list of the weeksof Android video content, or go to the official website for more topics. We will continue to focus on the new areas of each issue. Please pay attention. Please continue to pay attention to us and look forward to your feedback. Thank you for your company!