Flutter Weekly Issue 68



  1. Text classification using tensorflow Lite plug-in in fluent

  2. Exploration and practice of flutter package size management

  3. Explore the memory leak of fluent from the rendering principle (super detailed)

  4. Exploration on decoupling of flutter native hybrid engineering by idle fish

  5. Dart: sound Air Security Overview

  6. Deep understanding of dart empty security

  7. The way of flutterdojo design – the way of state management (7)

plug-in unit

  1. flutter-gen

    The Flutter code generator for your assets, fonts, colors, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs.

  2. local-hero

    A widget which implicitly launches a hero animation when its position changed within the same route.

  3. contentful-rich-text-flutter

    Rich Text renderer that parses Contentful Rich Text JSON object and returns a renderable Flutter widget

  4. flutter-charset-detector

    Flutter plugin that detects the charset (encoding) of text bytes

  5. flutter-websocket-plugin

    Plugin with native integration for WebSocket.

  6. pinch-zoom

    A widget based on Flutter’s new Interactive Viewer that makes picture pinch zoom, and return to its initial size and position when released.

  7. flutter-gen

    The Flutter code generator for your assets, fonts, colors, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs.

  8. pluto-grid

    PlutoGrid is a data grid that can be controlled by the keyboard on desktop and web.
    Of course, it works well on Android and IOS.

  9. flutter-device-locale

    A Flutter plugin for retrieving the device locale information.

  10. playify

    a Flutter plugin for play/pause/seek songs, fetching music metadata, and browsing music library.

  11. charcode

    Symbolic names for character codes in Dart

  12. list-tile-switch

    simple widget that combines ListTile with a switch.

  13. file.dart

    A pluggable, mockable file system abstraction for Dart. Supports local file system access, as well as in-memory file systems, record-replay file systems, and chroot file systems.

  14. passwd

    A beautiful, encrypted password manager, built using Flutter and Dart.

  15. vector-math

    A Vector math library for 2D and 3D applications.

  16. binder

    A lightweight, yet powerful way to bind your application state with your business logic.

  17. redux-compact

    a library that aims to reduce the massive amount of boilerplate that follows maintaining a Flutter Redux application.

  18. flutter-wechat-camera-picker

    A camera picker in WeChat style.

  19. retry

    Utility for wrapping an asynchronous function in automatic retry logic with exponential back-off, useful when making requests over network.

  20. sliver-tools

    A set of useful sliver tools that are missing from the flutter framework.

  21. flutter-audio-desktop

    A simple 🎵 audio playback library for Flutter Desktop. Windows & Linux support.

  22. animated-splash

    A light weight package for flutter apps, that easily shows a splash screen with a nice fade animation.

  23. biometric-storage

    Flutter plugin to store data behind biometric authentication (ie. fingerprint)

  24. flutter-avatars-bottts

    A high performance Flutter Widget to render Bottts svg avatars on android/ios devices.

  25. win32

    A package that wraps some of the most common Win32 API calls using FFI to make them accessible to Dart code without requiring a C compiler or the Windows SDK.

  26. flutter-portal

    Overlay/OverlayEntry, but better

  27. html-unescape

    Dart library for unescaping HTML-encoded strings

  28. future-button

    Customizable Material and Cupertino buttons with progress indicators and more

  29. duration

    Utilities to make working with ‘Duration’s easier.

  30. infinite-scroll-pagination

    Flutter package to help you lazily load and display pages of items as the user scrolls down your screen.

  31. database

    Database access for Dart developers.

  32. miniplayer

    A lightweight flutter package to simplify the creation of a miniplayer.

  33. flutter-cMoon-icons

    nsipred by Font awesome Icons package🤗. This package contains more than 2000 icons🥰. The amazing thing about this icons is that, it comes with it own default Colors🙌🏽 but you can change it to your own choice🤩.No need to bother yourself searching for social media icon 😬 colors.

  34. mainstream

    A StreamBuilder alternative that provides builder and event callbacks

  35. flutter-sequencer

    A Flutter plugin for music sequencing.


  1. recipe

    Recipe App made with Flutter

  2. Retter

    iOS/Android Reddit app created with Flutter

  3. BWO

    An infinity procedural online game using Flutter and flames with NodeJS and Firebase for the back-end

  4. mood-tracker

    a mood-tracker app, driven by daily journals. Keep track of how you feel on a day to day basis, and figure out what makes you happy, and what doesn’t!

  5. SwiftSetFlutter

    Android and IOS fitness app that allows users to quickly find the perfect exercise for any situation from over 1100+ exercises in our database

  6. Taskist

    a ToDo List app for Task Management inspired by the design below

  7. WhatTodo

    A Simple Todo app design in Flutter to keep track of your task on daily basis. Its build on BLoC Pattern. You can add a project, labels, and due-date to your task also you can sort your task on the basis of project, label, and dates


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