Flutter Weekly Issue 66



  1. Flutter quarterly survey results sharing


  1. Thinking and design of integrated task arrangement of fluent + FAAS

  2. Explain how to generate code through annotation in dart

  3. Is GitHub right? Flutter team shares how to manage large open source projects

plug-in unit

  1. flutter-bubble-tab-indicator

    A Flutter library to add bubble tab indicator to TabBar

  1. spreadsheet-decoder

    Spreadsheet Decoder is a library for decoding spreadsheets for ODS and XLSX files.

  2. flutter-yunpian-captcha

    Cloud behavior verification plug-in for flutter

  1. animator

    A Flutter library that makes animation easer. It allows for separation of animation setup from the User Interface.

  2. gzx-dropdown-menu

    Customize the powerful drop-down Filter menu fluent package, support IOS and Android

  1. should

    A BDD-style assertion library for Dart developers. It has built-in support for most common primitives, including Strings, Integers, Doubles, Functions, Iterables. It also has type and equality checks built in for all objects.

  2. juxtapose

    A flutter widget for comparing two stacked widgets by dragging a slider thumb to reveal either sides of the slider horizontally or vertically.

  1. adaptive-theme

    Easiest way to add support for light and dark theme in your flutter app.


  1. flutter-texture

    Try to add texture to the router


  1. Fleo-flutter-video-amalgamation

    Fleo – A video calling application developed using flutter🤠

  1. PetShop

    Pet Shop is an e-commerce application for Android built with Flutter (iOS to come soon).

  1. pixez-flutter

    A third party pixiv router client supporting agent free direct connection and view dynamic diagram

  1. morec

    This is a very exquisite movie client of fluent version, which uses the existing API of Douban to create a complete movie display app (some UI imitates Douban movies). A beautiful movie application build by flutter.

  1. origin-home-ui

    A simple UI design of the Origin Games Homepage.

  1. youtube-flutter-redesign

    A redesign of YouTube, built in Flutter for MacOS. It also works on Flutter Web. Currently unresponsive, but might change later.

  1. zterminal

    A Terminal App

  1. InventoryDesktopFlutterApp

    Implementation of Flutter Desktop Application


  1. DeviceDB

    Given an accurate database of device metrics, including their screen sizes in dp, I could build a logical model of the application in dp and translate that to your screen’s graphical raster, for any device and display it scaled accurately to your screen.

  1. Flutter Studio, Version 2

    I’ve updated the Flutter Studio web application with the goal of making it more flexible, complete, responsive and accurate.

  1. flutter-snap

    An extensive snap tool/widget for Flutter that allows very flexible snap management and snapping between your widgets.

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