Flutter Weekly Issue 63



  1. The latest development of flutter and desktop applications
  2. Flutter vs react native vs native: depth performance comparison
  3. Mixed arrangement and principle analysis of graphics and text in fluent
  4. Say goodbye to flutter channel, only one line of code is needed to call native API!
  5. The core principle and mixed development mode of flutter
  6. We wrote a new set of flutter developer tools with flutter

plug-in unit

  1. touchable

    Flutter library to add various gesture callbacks to each Shape you draw on your canvas in your CustomPainter

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  2. dio-cache

    A plugin for dio that caches responses for better optimization and offline data access.

  3. flutter-scrolling-calendar

    A calendar widget to easily scroll through the years 🗓

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  4. flutter-riverpod-live-templates

    Some built-in live templates support developers to use Flutter Riverpod faster on Android Studio

  5. SwitchDecor

    An app to help you to add frame to your favorite screenshots from Nintendo Switch.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  6. nav-router

    flutter The lightest, easiest and most convenient route management!

  7. read-pdf-text

    This is a flutter package that parses pdf documents to strings

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  8. flutter-nfc-manager

    A Flutter plugin to manage the NFC features. Supported on both Android and iOS.

  9. flutter-stetho

    Integrate Flutter with the Facebook Stetho tool for Android

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  10. flutter-google-api-availability

    Check the availability of Google Play services on the current device

  11. flutter-volume

    A Flutter Plugin for Volume Control and Monitoring, support iOS and Android

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  12. theme-mode-handler

    Flutter widget to change themeMode during runtime and persist it across restarts.

  13. liquid-button

    Liquify your buttons, web demo at website

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  14. native-webview

    A Flutter plugin that allows you to add an inline WebView.

  15. scalable-image

    A widget that shows an image which can be scaled and dragged using gestures.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  16. image-save

    Save image to album or sandbox

  17. FlutterLoadingGIFs

    Loading indicator GIFs. Material and Cupertino (Android and iOS) loading indicators in assorted sizes. Use as placeholders for loading remote image assets

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  18. FlutterRadioPlayer

    Flutter Radio Player, A Plugin to handle streaming audio without a hassle

  19. cross-connectivity

    A Flutter plugin for handling Connectivity and REAL Connection state in the mobile, web and desktop platforms. Supports iOS, Android, Web, Windows, Linux and macOS.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  20. wallpaper-manager

    A Flutter plugin for changing the Home Screen, Lock Screen (or both) Wallpaper on Android devices.

  21. device-unlock

    A Flutter plugin to request the device unlock screen.


  1. WaterTracker

    A Flutter and Flare app that tracks your water intake.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  2. flutter-shop

    A practical e-commerce project of flutter, including home page, list page, detail page, shopping cart page and member center, is equipped with a full set of text and video tutorials.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63

  3. flutter-app

    Full Feature Todos Flutter Mobile app with fireStore integration.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 63


  1. goloc

    A flexible tool for application localization using Google Sheets.

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Flutter Weekly Issue 63

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