Flutter Weekly Issue 62



  1. Dynamic practice of meituan takeaway flutter

plug-in unit

  1. native-draggable

    Native Drag and Drop for Flutter on iOS and MacOS

  2. flutter-mvvm

    Flutter plugin to rapidly create a Page with MVVM design pattern

  3. animated-selection-slide

    This flutter project allows you to make your choices with animation in inbox.

  4. flutter-gestures

    Custom Gesture Detector for Flutter. Empower your users with custom gestures.

  5. flutter-tv-autofocus

    A new Flutter widget that add support for AndroidTV app. Using keyboard to control focus node.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62

  6. flutter-dynamic-widget

    A Dynamic Widget Runtime from JSON for Flutter Widgets.

  7. pdf-flutter

    Flutter Widget to display PDF

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62

  8. river-pod

    Provider but different. Allows reading providers while guaranteeing compile-safety

  9. rubber

    An elastic material bottom sheet implementation for Flutter.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62

  10. linkify

    Low-level link (text, URLs, emails) parsing library in Dart.

  11. crazy-switch

    A beautiful switch made with Flutter

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62

  12. Pangolin

    Pangolin is a flutter plug-in, which integrates pangolin’s Android and IOS SDK, the advertising platform of byte skipping, so that developers can directly call relevant methods at the level of flutter.

  13. framy

    A convenient code generator for app styleguide, gallery, wireframes and/or storyboard.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62

  14. hand-signature

    A Flutter plugin providing signature pad for drawing smooth signatures.

  15. paco

    A Flutter color palette with eyedropper, HSL, RGB and Material colors

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62

  16. flukit

    A filter UI kit.

  17. flutter-control

    Flutter Control is complex library to maintain App and State management. Library merges multiple functionality under one hood. This approach helps to tidily bound separated logic into complex solution.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62

  18. CaTeX

    Fast math TeX renderer for Flutter written in Dart.

  19. sounds

    Flutter plugin for sound. Audio recorder and player.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62

  20. device-calendar

    A cross platform plugin for modifying calendars on the user’s device


  1. flutter-animation-explorer

    flutter animation explorer

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62

  2. mask-detector

    A flutter app with tensor flow lite image classification model to detect masks

  3. flutter-picgo

    A simple & beautiful mobile tool for pictures loading build by router

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62


  1. Flutter Enhancement Suite

    The essential plugin for making working with Flutter easier than ever!

    Flutter Weekly Issue 62

  2. Flutter Package Manager

    A simple cli to manage your app packages.

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Flutter Weekly Issue 62

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