Flutter Weekly Issue 60



  1. Netease payment high performance nejflutter applet dynamic architecture practice
  2. Monitoring and thinking of the problem of flutter jamming
  3. Building sound air safety
  4. Memory leak monitoring on flutter

plug-in unit

  1. dynamic-theme

    Dynamically changing your theme without hassle

    Flutter Weekly Issue 60

  2. flutter-p2p

    A Wi-Fi Direct Plugin for Flutter

  3. FIDL

    Fidl is the interface definition language of fluent, which is similar to Aidl (Android interface definition language). You can use it to define a unified interface that can be recognized by different platforms (not limited to Android / IOS / WEB) fidl.json Then, through static code generation, the platform native interface is automatically generated, and the communication between the fluent and the native is realized quickly and efficiently.

  4. flutter-concentric-transition

    A Flutter plugin to create views using Concentric Transition Clipper. Useful for onboarding, page transitions, custom clippers, painters etc.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 60

  5. phone-number

    Flutter plugin for parsing, formatting and validating international phone numbers.

  6. flag-flutter

    A flag Flutter package for Android and iOS.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 60

  7. flutter-mailer

    A wrapper on top of MFMailComposeViewController from iOS and Mail Intent on android

  8. flutter-freshchat

    A Flutter plugin for integrating Freshchat in your mobile app.


  1. FlutterMidiCommand

    A Flutter plugin to send and receive MIDI

  2. flutter-wasm

    WebAssembly interpreter for Flutter apps.

  3. bmnav

    A very flexible Flutter implementation of the Bottom Navigation Bar.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 60

  4. FlutterRxBus

    A Flutter EventBus using RxDar

  5. pusher-websocket-flutter

    An unofficial Flutter plugin that wraps pusher-websocket-java on Android and pusher-websocket-swift on iOS

  6. simple-gesture-detector

    Easy to use, reliable and lightweight gesture detector for Flutter apps, exposing simple API for basic gestures

  7. flutter-color-plugin

    A color parse package for flutter,it works on iOS and Android.

  8. flutter-countdown

    A simple countdown plugin for flutter ⌛

    Flutter Weekly Issue 60

  9. pda-scanner

    A Flutter plugin to scanning. Ready for PDA

  10. SystemAlertWindow

    A flutter plugin to show Truecaller like overlay window, over all other apps along with callback events (which also works in background).

  11. flutter-cameraview

    A Flutter plugin for Android and iOS allowing access to the device cameras, a bit deeper!!

  12. flutter-reorderable-list

    iOS-like proof of concept reorderable list with animations

    Flutter Weekly Issue 60

  13. simple-color-picker

    A simple HSV color picker without any glitz or glamour.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 60

  14. flutter-material-color-picker

    Material color picker, you can customize colors. Selection in two step, first main color and after shades.

    Flutter Weekly Issue 60


  1. flutter-example

    A starter example of a Flutter + Mobx + Notifications

    Flutter Weekly Issue 60

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Flutter Weekly Issue 60

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