Flutter uses singletickerproviderstatemix to report an error


Recently, I’m learning to develop a flutter application project. After creating tabbar and tabview, I make a network request and display the top tab tag, set tabcontroller, and make the class class implement singletickerproviderstatemixin. The code is as follows

class _TravelPageState extends State<TravelPage> with SingleTickerProviderStateMixin{
  TabController _tabController;
  TravelTabModel travelTabModel;
  List<TravelTab> tabs = [];
  void initState() {
    _tabController = TabController(length: 0, vsync: this);
    TravelTabDao.fetch().then((TravelTabModel model){
      _tabController = TabController(length: model.tabs.length, vsync: this);
      setState(() {
       tabs = model.tabs;
       travelTabModel = model;

After running the code, the simulator does not display the tag text, and reports the following error

flutter:  is a SingleTickerProviderStateMixin but multiple tickers were created.
A SingleTickerProviderStateMixin can only be used as a TickerProvider once.
If a State is used for multiple AnimationController objects, or if it is passed to other objects and those objects might use it more than one time in total, then instead of mixing in a SingleTickerProviderStateMixin, use a regular TickerProviderStateMixin.

If an error is reported, the reason is that the setstate is called in many places to request redrawing, but the state uses singletickerproviderstatemixin, just change it to tickerproviderstatemixin.
Modify the above code as follows:

class _TravelPageState extends State<TravelPage> with SingleTickerProviderStateMixin

To be amended as follows:

class _TravelPageState extends State<TravelPage> with TickerProviderStateMixin

After modification, rerun the project.

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Flutter uses singletickerproviderstatemix to report an error

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