Flutter 2 officially released!


In the early morning of March 4,Flutter 2Official release: the developer iswhateverThe platform takes the ability to create beautiful, fast and portable applications to the next level. With fluent 2, you can use the same code base to build native applications for five operating systems: IOS, Android, windows, MacOS and Linux; And create a web experience for browsers such as chrome, Firefox, Safari and edge. Flutter can even be embedded into cars, TVs and smart appliances to provide the most pervasive and portable experience for environmental computing.

Flutter 2 officially released!

Our goal isFundamentally changeThe application construction ideas of developers make the experience precede the platform. Flutter allows you to carveexquisiteThe application experience of express your brand and design style. Fluent can compile your source code into machine code andfastAt the same time, with the help of stateful thermal overload function, it brings you the opportunity to explain the environmentEfficientProductivity, allowing you to make changes while the application is running and see the results immediately. And flutter isOpen Source, thousands of contributors are building blocks for the core framework and building an ecosystem containing a large number of packages around it.

Flutter 2 officially released!

stayreleaseIn flutter 2, we extend flutter from mobile framework toPortableFramework, so that your application can basically run on a variety of platforms without change. Google play store aloneMore than 150000 flutter appsNow, applications can be deployed to desktop devices and web platforms without rewriting. It can be said that each application is “upgraded free” through flutter 2.

Flutter is used by users all over the world, includingWeChatGrabYandex GoNubankSonosFasticBettermentandrealtor.comAnd other popular applications. Flutter is also an important tool that Google relies on. We have more than 1000 engineers building applications using dart and flutter. Many products have been released, including stadia, Google one and Google nest hub.

Flutter 2 officially released!

A few months ago,Google pay switch to fluentBuild its flagship mobile application and make significant progress in productivity and quality. Through the unified code base, the team eliminated the functional differences between platforms and streamlined more than 500000 lines of code. Google pay also said that the efficiency of its engineers has been greatly improved, the technical debt has been significantly reduced, and the release processes such as security review and experiment have been unified on IOS and Android systems.

Fluent web support

Perhaps the most significant development brought about by the flutter 2 isIt has reached a stable version on the web platform

WebEarly foundation document centric。 However, with the development of the web platform, the platform API has become more and more rich. It has realized highly complex applications, supported hardware acceleration of 2D and 3D graphics and flexible layout and painting API. Based on these innovations, fluent’s web support providesAn application centric Framework of, it can fully show all the advantages of modern web.

The initial version brought by this release focuses on three application scenarios:

  • Progressive web apps (PWA), both the high coverage of web and the powerful function of desktop application.
  • Single page apps (SPA), you can transfer data with Internet services only once.
  • Bring an existing flutter mobile app to the web, so that the two experiences share code.

In the process of preparing to release a stable version of web support in the past few months, a lot of progress has also been made in performance optimizationWebAssemblyBuilt byCanvasKitNew rendering engine driven by.Flutter PlasmaBy community membersFelix BlaschkeThe built demo shows the convenience of building complex web graphics experiences using dart and fluent, and these experiences can also run natively on desktop or mobile devices.

We continue to expand fluent and strive to provide you with the best functions of the web platform. In recent months, we have added automatic text filling, address bar URL and routing control, and PWA list. As the desktop browser is as important as the mobile browser, we have added interactive scroll bars and keyboard shortcuts to improve the default content density in desktop mode, and added screen reader accessibility support for windows, MacOS and Chrome OS.

At present, there have been a number of web application examples built with fluent. Among educators,iRobotWith its popularRoot educational robotAnd famous. Flutter’s support for the production environment on the web platform enables iRobot to integrate the existingEducational programming environmentMove to the web, so as to cover chromebook and other devices with browser as the main experience. IRobot’sBowenThe reasons for choosing flutter and its application are described in detail.

Flutter 2 officially released!

Another example is Rive, a powerful tool for designers to publish custom animations to any platform. hisNew web applicationCompletely built by flutter, it has entered the beta stage, which is also one of the experiences that can best show the characteristics of flutter on the web platform.

Flutter 2 officially released!

You canFlutter web publishing articlesLearn more in.

Flutter 2 on desktop, foldable and embedded devices

In addition to traditional mobile devices and the web, flutter is increasingly covering other types of devices.Flutter EngageThe keynote speech focused on three partners to demonstrate the portability of flutter.

First partner,CanonicalJoin hands with us to bring flutter to the desktop. The code contributed by canonical engineers enables flutter developers to develop and deploy on Linux. During the event, the Ubuntu team presented an early demo of the new installer rewritten with fluent. It is essential for canonical to provide a rock solid and wonderful experience on a variety of hardware configurations. future,Fluent will become the first choice for canonical to build desktop and mobile applications

Flutter 2 officially released!

Second partnerMicrosoftSupport for flutter continues to expand. exceptContinue to cooperate with usIn addition to providing high-quality windows support for flutter, Microsoft has also released its contribution to the flutter engine: support for emerging collapsible Android devices. These devices bring new design patterns. Applications can expand content, or use the dual screen feature to provide a window side-by-side experience. Surface engineering team in an articleBowenAnd invited everyone to join them to complete high-quality solutions for surface duo and other devices.

Flutter 2 officially released!

Third partner, one of the world’s best-selling carmakersToyotaAnnounced plans to build a flutter driven infotainment system to create the best automotive digital experience. The use of fluent marks a big step forward in the development of vehicle software in the future. Toyota chose fluent because of its high performance and experience consistency, fast iteration ability, high developer efficiency, and smartphone level touch experience mechanism. By using the embedded API of flutter, Toyota can customize flutter according to the unique needs of on-board systems.

Flutter 2 officially released!

We are honored to continue our in-depth collaboration with Toyota and other partners to bring the shuttle to cars, televisions and other embedded devices. We will bring you more examples in this regard in the coming months.

Sustainable flutter ecosystem

At present, flutter and dart have more than 15000 packages, including:AmazonMicrosoftAdobeAlibabaeBayandSquareAnd other enterprise packages,LottieSentryandSVGAnd other key packages, andsign_in_with_applegoogle_fontsgeolocatorandsqfliteetc.Flutter Favorite package。

We also brought to flutterGoogle Mobile Ads In the beta version, this new SDK provides a variety of advertising formats through AdMob and admanager, including banner, insert, native and incentive video advertising. We have previously invited some major customers (such as the largest independent artist music platform in Latin America)Sua Música)Experience this SDK first. Now we plan to open Google mobile ads for more fluent developers.

Flutter 2 officially released!

We also updatedFlutter plug-ins for several core firebase services: authentication, cloud firestore, cloud functions, cloud messaging, cloud storage and crashlytics, including support for sound air security and a comprehensive revision of the cloud messaging package.

Dart: the secret behind flutter

As mentioned earlier, the flutter 2 can be ported to many different platforms and devices. The easy transition to support web, desktop and embedded devices is largely due toDart, it is Google’s optimized programming language for multi platform development.

Dart provides a unique set of functions for building applications:

  • No unexpected portability, the compiler can generate high-performance Intel and arm machine code for mobile and desktop devices, and output tightly optimized JavaScript for the web. The same fluent framework source code can be compiled to all these target platforms.
  • On desktop and mobile devicesIterative development of stateful thermal overload, and the language structure designed for the asynchronous and concurrent mode of modern interface programming.
  • Platform wide consistencyGoogle class performance, perfect empty security ensures empty constraints at run time and development time.

No other language can provide these functions at the same time, which may explain why dart can becomeThe fastest growing language on GitHubone of.

Dart 2.12 released in the same period is the most significant version update since 2.0. It supportsSound air safety。 Sound null security can eliminate the headache of null reference exceptions. Unless explicitly allowed by the developer, types cannot contain null values at development time and runtime. Most importantly, this function is not a breaking change: you can gradually add empty security to your code at your own pace. We also have a migration tool ready. You can use it to complete the migration when you are ready.

Updates to this release also include:Stable version of FFI, so that you can write high-performance code to interoperate with C-based APIs; Written in fluentNew integration developer and performance profiler tools; As well as many performance improvements and size optimization, the code can be greatly improved by recompiling. For more information, seeDart 2.12 post

Experience the flutter 2 now

When introducing flutter 2, it is inevitable that this paper will miss everything due to space constraints. In fact, the consolidated pr (pull request) list has a full 200 pages! Please readFlutter 2 technology blog, which introduces more new functions and performance improvements. We think it will satisfy the flutter developers. Please download flutter 2 now to experience it.

Flutter 2 officially released!

We have also prepared a new example application for you,Flutter Folio, by our award-winning design team in Edmonton, CanadagskinnerThe collaboration is complete, and this example shows everything we just mentioned. Fluent folio is a scrapbook application that runs on all your devices. The display content will be emphasized when experiencing on the small screen; When experiencing on the large screen, it supports content editing based on the idioms of desktop and tablet computers; Web experience emphasizes sharing. These customized experiences share the same open source code base for you to browse freely.

Flutter 2 officially released!

If you haven’t tried flutter yet, we believe it will greatly improve your application development experience. Flutter, an open source toolkit, allows you to create beautiful and fast applications for mobile, desktop, web and embedded devices through a single code base, so that you can be comfortable even in the face of the harsh needs of Google and users.

And flutter is free and open source. What wonderful applications will you build with fluent 2? We’ll see!

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