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This book is written by Luciano Ramalho, who has been fighting in Python development for nearly 20 years. Python celebrities such as victor stinner and Alex Martelli are the technical reviewers. They analyze the programming details from the level of language design. Taking into account Python 3 and python 2, they tell you the causes and solutions of language traps in python that you can’t understand without hands-on practice, and teach you to write authentic Python code.


Python data model: understand why special methods are the key to consistent object behavior.


Data structure: make full use of built-in types to understand Unicode text and byte duality.


Treat functions as objects: treat Python functions as first-class objects and understand the impact of this on popular design patterns.


Object oriented idioms: learn reference, variability, interface, operator overloading and multiple inheritance by building classes.


Control process: learn to use context manager, generator, coroutine, and through concurrent.futures And asyncio package.


Metaprogramming: understand how features, descriptors, class decorators, and metaclasses work.



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This book is dedicated to helping Python developers to dig out the excellent features of this language and related libraries, avoid repetitive work, and write concise, fluent, easy to read, easy to maintain, and native Python style code. In particular, this book explores the high-level usage of Python language, covering data structures, python style objects, parallelism and concurrency, and metaprogramming.


This book is suitable for senior Python software developers to read reference.



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