Fluent drawing series


1. Why write and draw

  • I hope you can have a systematic understanding of the drawing of fluent.
  • Like the canvas of H5, fluent drawing can also bring infinite imagination to everyone
  • We can find the correct posture in the development of fluent
  • Explore the essence of the widget implementation of fluent
  • I hope my drawing skills can be shared with you, and I hope you can make progress with me

2. Why learn to draw

For our mobile phones, computers, tablets and other devices, everything you see is realized by drawing, and each platform has its own drawing system. Each platform will also provide its own UI controls, but many controls are not consistent with the design style of our own projects, so the platform will also provide drawing interfaces, so that our developers can highly customize the interface elements.

Some people will say that there are many wheels. It’s not good if I find them and use them directly. What I want to say is that you’d better master everything that has a technical threshold. If you use other people’s things, there will be many constraints. What if the needs of your project change and the wheels don’t meet your needs? You can’t use this technology, developers don’t maintain it, and you won’t modify the source code for you.

Therefore, there is no conflict between having wheels and mastering painting. Once you have the drawing technology, you can have a deeper understanding when using the wheel and use it more smoothly. You can even modify it to what we need, and you can also find the shortcomings of the wheel and correct it. When you can’t find a wheel, you can roll one yourself. Isn’t it nice for the boss to give you a raise?

3. What can I get by drawing

  • All APIs related to paint, canvas and path in fluent painting
  • How to paint with custompaint
  • Picture drawing and picture effect processing in fluent
  • Use animation and gestures in drawing
  • The use of path and Bezier curve and how to customize a bottombar
  • Drawing charts in fluent
  • Particle effect in fluent