FlexGrid — a table control based on Devops


FlexGrid -- a table control based on Devops

What is FlexGrid?

FlexGridIt is a lightweight, easy-to-use, flexible and fast high-performance table control launched by grape city. As one of the four lightweight controls of. Net full-function control package componentone, it has been widely recognized by the industry for 20 consecutive years.

FlexGrid -- a table control based on Devops

FlexGrid is mainly applied to more than 10 platforms such as WPF, WinForm, uwp, MVC, Silverlight and ActiveX to provide end users with high-performance business data display and management capabilities. It provides complete table control data processing capability. It can dynamically load data with high performance and load 1 million rows whether it is bound data source, unbound mode or tree business data mode × 10 columns of data takes only 0.27 seconds.

What are the advantages of FlexGrid?

Compared with similar products, FlexGrid has obvious advantages and has four characteristics: fast, flexible, lightweight and cross platform:

Fast: loading and scrolling speeds are more than 10 times faster than competitors

Flexible: the product continuously enriches the function set without expanding the core controls

Lightweight: the program is lightweight, with a maximum of 1314 KB (WinForm).

Cross platform: it has been used normally on more than 10 platforms. In addition, a pure front-end version of FlexGrid based on JavaScript / HTML5 has also been launched.
FlexGrid -- a table control based on Devops

What can FlexGrid do for you?

FlexGrid includes the following functions: grouping, scrolling, freezing, customizing cell types, search panel, table filter, tree structure, merging cells, etc.

In addition, if the user wants to access all the data in the table control and perform operations such as adding, deleting, modifying, querying, grouping, filtering and updating after entering the original data, he can also use FlexGrid. It can quickly generate charts and reports and save them as Excel files.
FlexGrid -- a table control based on Devops

For the convenience of every user, grape city has launched the new demo explorer( http://www.grapecity.com.cn/d… )It optimizes the demo of common functions such as navigation, search and filtering of FlexGrid, and adds the display of other common controls, such as c1ribbon, c1navbar, c1commondock, c1docktab, etc.

Those you trust also trust us.

For two decades, FlexGrid has been known for its lightweight and excellent performance. It is a table control widely recognized in the industry. Adhering to the idea of performance optimization and using virtual scrolling, client caching and other technologies, it provides sufficient guarantee for excellent user experience.

FlexGrid -- a table control based on Devops

Phil best, c# software development engineer of strategy map, spoke highly of FlexGrid:

“The componentone FlexGrid we purchased saved our project. The functions we rely on include: merging cells, cell ranges, styles, setting colors, automatically adjusting row and column widths, exporting to excel, etc. these functions and intelligent vertical scrolling have transformed our project from a test program to a professional product“

Darrin P. Dyson, director of development and system integration of Venable LLP, also praised:

“I thank you for your time and energy in developing FlexGrid for Silverlight / WPF platform. I like FlexGrid very much. It’s like a Swiss Army knife. I’ll never change it“

Infiltrate every development scenario with professional services

FlexGrid -- a table control based on Devops

With pure Chinese technical support and 24-hour rapid response, you don’t have to worry about any technical problems encountered in the use of the product, let alone that it may reduce your development efficiency. When you use componentone FlexGrid for project development at any time, you can get professional, fast and free technical help. In the 24-hour technical support service and rich online community, you can enjoy unparalleled high-quality service and learn valuable project experience.

Focus on the present and look forward to the future

Combined with the Devops operation concept, componentone FlexGrid continuously optimizes itself to help end users deliver software products and services on time, continuously improve product ease of use and reduce user learning costs. Deliver rich function sets to users without expanding their own core controls; Constantly break through the restrictions of the product use platform, but strive to give users the same use experience.
FlexGrid -- a table control based on Devops
Focus on the most popular technologies, keep pace with the times, and constantly launch more control products in line with the current trend, such as spreadjs and wijmojs, so as to fully meet the development needs and build complete enterprise applications.

About grape City

Founded in 1980, grape city company is a world leading software and service provider integrating development tools, business intelligence solutions and management system design tools. Xi’an grape city is its branch in China. It provides software R & D services for the global market and provides international advanced development tools, software and R & D consulting services for the informatization of Chinese enterprises.