Fixed six years, ended in a loss. What did she do wrong?



I heard a tragic story today.

A classmate of Qiu Zai started to invest in a certain fund since 2010. On the 8th of every month, I put in 300 yuan for six years. Yesterday, it was fully redeemed and ended with a net loss of more than 200. She felt very happy. She felt that she saved 300 yuan a month and saved tens of thousands of yuan in her fund account.

The ball player doesn’t think so. This is obviously a very sad story! Because of her fixed investment, the yield was once as high as 50%. Unfortunately, she didn’t take it out and watched all the profits fall.

oh incorrect! It’s not that she can’t help it. After setting the fixed investment, she makes it deduct money from the bank card every month. She hasn’t paid attention to the income for six years.

After listening to her, Qiu Zi feels totally unreasonable. This operation is too bad!!

She made a big mistake. What’s wrong? Fund fixed investment, can not stop loss, but must have stop profit.

Fixed investment of funds should also stop profit

It is reasonable to say that any investment needs to stop profit and stop loss. But the fund fixed investment, stop loss is not so important, but must stop profit. You know, the stock market is cyclical. If the income accumulated by fixed investment for many years does not stop when the bull market comes, your income will eventually disappear with the arrival of the bear market.

Qiu Zai’s classmate is a mixed fund with a history of 10 years. In the process of fixed investment, in the beginning of 2015, the fixed investment income reached 37%. In June 2015, the highest fixed rate of return was more than 50% before the stock disaster. Unfortunately, during this period, she did not stop earning redemption until all the earnings disappeared. Even after the first plunge, its return on fixed investment still has more than 20%, which still has not been redeemed, and missed one opportunity after another.

How to stop profit? You can set a goal for yourself and sell it as soon as the payoff reaches the expected goal.
Fixed six years, ended in a loss. What did she do wrong?
The student’s fixed investment trend

Close attention should also be paid to market volatility funds

Some people think that fixed investment is to set up a good investment strategy, regardless of the current net value of the fund, automatically deposit money into it every month.

This is how the ball boys treat the set shots. absolutely wrong!

Fixed investment can replace savings, but it is not equal to savings. Fixed investment is also an investment, which aims to maximize the return on the premise of controlling risks. We usually set the period from three years to five years.

Fixed investment in the early stage, the fund also need not panic. However, we should pay attention to whether it is a bull market now? If you reach a relatively high point in the bull market, or reach your own profit stop line, throw it out.

In the process of fixed investment, if the stock market falls sharply, you can also increase the amount of fixed investment in the cycle and obtain more fund shares at a cheaper price. This is also one of the common skills of fund investment, and mature investors should learn this.

What kind of fund is suitable for fixed investment?

The ball boy that classmate does fixed pitch, chose a mixed fund. Can mixed fund set investment? Sure, but it’s not the best choice.

First of all, the bull bear cycle of the bond market is more obvious, and it is easier to judge. The efficiency and yield of one-time investment are higher than that of regular fixed investment. Secondly, the fluctuation of bond market is much weaker than that of stock market, and the expected return of fixed investment is much lower. Mixed funds have a lot of bonds, of course, not as awesome as equity funds.

Of course, if you invest directly in bond funds, that’s the least interesting.

The larger the volatility of the fund, the more suitable for fixed investment, so the fixed investment stock fund is more appropriate, index fund is better.

The figure below shows the smile curve of fund fixed investment. The deeper the better, the more volatile the fund is suitable for fixed investment.
Fixed six years, ended in a loss. What did she do wrong?