Five steps of building layman online mall


First of all, the following five points must be made clear when building the enterprise online mall system

1. Determine the site type

When enterprises do the mall system construction scheme, they need to determine the type of mall according to their own product type and industry positioning. Many enterprises only know to be their own mall, but they don’t know what type of mall to do. These are determined by their own industry and customer demand.

2. Budget construction cost

Before a project, the enterprise will budget the capital cost to confirm that the project will not have too serious effect on the enterprise’s capital turnover. The preliminary budget for the construction of the enterprise mall is generally determined according to the scale of the enterprise, the purpose of building the station, and the approval of the superior. The developers of mall system provide detailed function description and quotation, and enterprises conduct cost performance research. The price of mall construction varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The cost of building a mall is generally proportional to the functional requirements.

3. Website design of shopping mall

Web design is to meet the aesthetic needs of users. The design style is in line with the eyes of most people, and can not blindly pursue personalization. Style plays a great role in attracting users, and the style should match with the industry.

If you can’t determine the style of the mall in your industry, you can choose simple and atmospheric style, which is a popular style and can also be applied to most industries. Artists can carry out simple publicity according to their own enterprises. If they want their own corporate style and better pages, the cost will be increased. As for other art design, text design and color matching of the website, professional website construction companies can complete the design, and some specific details can be determined by both parties through negotiation.

4. Function design of shopping mall

The function of the website is to attract users. If the function design of a website is too poor, no users will continue to use it. In terms of function design, it is necessary to consider the maintenance cost and manpower in the later stage. Don’t blindly choose the functional system that looks very rich. The later effect will affect the whole. According to the needs of investors at all levels, the functional structure framework of the website is designed and the information content is sorted out. Mall system developers in planning, will have a general grasp of the content of the website, this aspect can reflect the positioning of the website and the needs of the website.

5. Mall test online

The website just made is not perfect and needs to be tested and modified many times. Before the website is released, the developers should carry out detailed tests to ensure the normal browsing and use. The main test contents are text, whether there is an error in the picture, whether there is an error in the program and database test, whether there is an error in the link, and so on. After the test is OK, it can be officially launched.

The above dishes on how to build a mall system building scheme, hope to help you, or want to customize the development of mall system, you can Wx: c023971.

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