Five questions to be asked in software testing interview


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Five questions to be asked in software testing interview

Found in the work found that the people around me is really the strength of the more efforts, the highest level of self-discipline, enjoy loneliness. (the article is a little long. You can read it according to your own needs. After all, people’s energy and time are limited, so you can collect them first.)

HR frequently asked questions

Soul five questions!

Please introduce yourself
How did you leave your last company?
How do you know about the testing industry?
What is your expected salary?
What do you want to ask me?


(all of these questions can be prepared in advance.)

In fact, HR can easily answer these questions. However, there will be many pits.

Many partners may say, Er ~ it seems that I have no problem in answering this question, but why does HR seem to be not very satisfied with me, so I selected the five most classic questions asked by HR! No matter which company you go to for an interview, you will not be absent. Today I would like to share my experience with you. Hope to help you!

Five questions to be asked in software testing interview

First of all, let’s take a look at self introduction.

In fact, who can’t introduce themselves? My name is so and so. How old am I this year? Where do I come from? It’s over?

This is actually quite simple. But you want to introduce yourself well and let others know you and get to know you in a minute. In fact, this is a skill!

[please introduce yourself]

Analysis: content: personal basic information + work experience + project introduction. Prepare in advance, express the process, control within 1-2 minutes. Pay attention not to say the reason for leaving the company, not to say the job transfer. If it is a foreign company, prepare to introduce yourself in English.

Introduce yourself.

The first one: we should control the time within 1-2 minutes, not too long.

Second: we must express fluently and confidently.

Life is like a play, all by acting!

Because when some small partners go to find some technical posts, they may have some small “packaging” no matter in terms of skills or project experience. When it comes to the skills he is not familiar with, he will have some nervousness and some self-confidence. We must overcome this mentality in this area. That is to say, the first thing I want to convince is myself. If you are not convinced, the interviewer will not believe it.

Self introduction we have three messages to convey to HR

1. Basic personal information

2. Work experience

3. Project introduction

If you are going to a foreign company for an interview, you must prepare an English self introduction.

Reference example:

(1. Personal basic information)

I am XX from XX. I graduated from XX major of XXX School in 17 years. (I don’t want to go into details about sex, sex, men, etc.)

(2. Work experience)

At present, I have been engaged in the testing industry for three years. In these three years, I have worked in two companies, the first is XX company, the second is XX company.

(3. Project introduction)

In the past three years, I have done five projects, including web project, APP project, medical and other projects. In these projects, I am mainly responsible for function test, interface test, UI test, compatibility test and automation test. Many tools will be used in my work, such as the bug management system JIRA, postman, fiddler, selenium and so on. I am a meticulous and conscientious person in my daily work. I think your position matches me very well, and I believe I can be competent for this job. thank you. (highlight personal skills + advantages)

The first one is to let the interviewer know you, the second one knows that you have several years’ work experience, the third one knows what projects you have been involved in, the fourth one knows what skills and skills you will have, and the fifth one knows your personality characteristics and advantages.

When you introduce yourself more clearly, you can save a lot of details (everyone is very busy, time is precious)

Tip: when you’re new to the workplace, prepare for an interview. You can “speak” yourself in the mirror.

Five questions to be asked in software testing interview

HR frequently asked questions

Soul five questions!

Please introduce yourself
How did you leave your last company?
How do you know about the testing industry?
What is your expected salary?
What do you want to ask me?


Yesterday, we talked about self introduction. We went on to talk about:

Five questions to be asked in software testing interview

Why did you leave your last company

In fact, the reason why the interviewer asks such a question is to examine whether you are stable, excellent, progressive and what your performance was like in the last company.

Main points: it mainly focuses on whether you are stable, excellent, positive and progressive, and your performance in the last company.

Let’s look at a few examples of errors:

Error example 1: dismissed by the company (not excellent)

The last company was very good. When I left, the boss also asked me to stay. However, there were not many projects in the company. I still wanted to do more things and exercise more.

Error example 2: not getting along with colleagues (workplace personality)

The company’s environment and atmosphere are good, but the Department] hierarchical, internal, sandwiched in the middle of the work is not good. I want to learn more and improve myself.

The last company worked too much overtime and was under too much pressure

Unreasonable process system leads to unreasonable workload distribution and communication, which will delay self-improvement

Although we really want to express this meaning in our heart, we should not express it in very straightforward language.

When leaving from the last company, we must not talk about the big words in the heart of the last company. We must highlight your advantages. Then we turn the corner to say that no matter which enterprise you are in, the workplace is very taboo to speak ill of the last company, because it is very likely that when you leave my company, you will also talk about what is wrong with our company. (all of us are adults. This is the same truth in our life. We should sit still and think about demerits. We should not talk about others when we are chatting.)

Five questions to be asked in software testing interview

Why do you switch to testing? What do you know about the testing industry?

The interviewer asks this question, which is to know what your motivation is and whether you are stable in the industry. How much do you want this job

A reference example:

1. The development prospect of testing is good and challenging, and we are optimistic about the future of testing

From the general direction, everyone wants to engage in a career (post) with very good prospects, high salary and self-worth.

2. I am meticulous, patient and organized. I am good at communication and problem finding

3. Have development experience, familiar with code, database and system. I believe I can be competent for testing better

In terms of their own small aspects, what advantages do they have, and they are very suitable for this position. I think my personality is very suitable for software testing, so I switched to software testing. These can help you in the software testing industry to do a good job, do a very stable angle of analysis.

4. The test covers a wide range of knowledge, and it also requires a wide range of knowledge

I have a strong recognition of this industry.

Five questions to be asked in software testing interview

What is your expected salary?

Key points: pay skills, self-awareness

Analysis: salary is based on interview performance + working background + learning background + position grading. It generally fluctuates between 1000 and 2000.

The interviewer is looking at whether your perception of yourself is accurate.

For example, in fact, you only know one function test, but your salary is set at 20k50k, which is obviously inaccurate for your cognition.

Secondly, we will make a comprehensive evaluation from the interview performance, working background, learning background and post grading. Basically, in terms of salary, it can be discussed in the range of 1K ~ 2K.

For our partners, the small cost of transportation and testing may affect our daily expenses of 2K.

Therefore, when talking about salary, first of all, you should have a psychological value in your mind. (self perceived value assessment) that is to say, I am now a functional test engineer, but I have three years and five years of working experience, so I must be 2-3K higher than that without working experience. This is my assessment of the value of my own experience.

For example, my psychological value should be guaranteed at least 8K. If it is lower than this, I won’t go. In the actual interview process, we need to make an increase in this number, because HR will “bargain” with you.


1: salary should be fixed rather than range

We should not say the range of our salary, but a fixed number. For example, if HR asks you what the expected salary is, I say it is 5-8k, then HR will think that 5K is acceptable to you, and then he will set you between 5-6k (even 5-5.5k)

If our psychological value is 8K, we say that my expected salary is 10K, which also gives HR room for “bargaining”.

2: the salary should be 1000-2000 higher than expected. HR will negotiate with you

3: generally, the salary increase of job hopping is about 30%. If HR asks about your previous salary, you should prepare in advance

Some HR will not ask about your expected salary. Instead, they will directly ask you what the salary of your last company is. They will basically increase your previous salary by 30% as a reference for your salary quota (generally, the salary increase for job hopping is about 30%)

/ / 4: talk about salary according to the interview situation. If the interviewer gives a good evaluation, you can raise the salary

It is not recommended to write the expected salary on the paper resume (no matter it is not good to write down or write high). We will consider the comprehensive situation of the interview, including the interview process, in which you think this company is very interesting and the interviewer is very satisfied with you. Then I can raise the salary.

What do you want to ask me?

Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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Five questions to be asked in software testing interview

I have prepared interview materials and resume templates for the first-line large factories. I hope you can find your favorite job. Learning is a way to be depressed and laugh sometimes. Come on. If you succeed in entering the company you like through hard work, you must not slack off. The growth of the workplace is the same as that of new technology learning. If you do not advance, you will retreat. If we’re lucky, we’ll see you again!

Five questions to be asked in software testing interview







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