Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master


Get itAli internship offer, experienced five interviews, including four rounds of technical and one round of HR interview.Here to share their own interview experience and learning summary. Hope to help more small partners.
Please be enthusiastic about finding a job, and the earlier you prepare, the better.
Ali’s side
One side received more interviews at forenoon 9 than Alipay, because I was very excited to receive Ali’s call as soon as possible. After all, it was the first time I had such an interview.
Some of the questions in the middle are not clear. The following is a list of the questions asked on one side:

  • Introduce yourself, no more than 3 minutes (actually, I introduce myself in less than one minute)
  • How much progress do you feel compared with your undergraduate level? What progress have you made
  • Which development direction do you think you are suitable for
  • How to design a storage system for massive data
  • The implementation principle of cache, what should we pay attention to when designing cache
  • Page storage of operating system
  • Mysql database is used as the storage of publishing system, with an increment of more than 50000 a day. It is estimated that the operation and maintenance will last for three years. How to optimize it?
  • What is the difference between large forum / news article system / SNS website in performance optimization?
  • PHP garbage collection mechanism, PHP variables, array C source code how to achieve?
  • What kind of development do you think you are suitable for and why
  • Where do you want to practice in Hangzhou?

Ask the interviewer questions:

  • Comment on my performance in this interview
  • What should I add to my technology stack
  • Do you have a chance for the next interview

One side summary
I met for more than 50 minutes. I learned from the interviewer that he was an old employee, not much older than me. Generally speaking, he was quite opportunistic. I asked the interviewer the last three questions. When answering whether I still have the opportunity for the next interview, I said:The competition is fierce, but there are still opportunities.
It can be seen that one side of the problem is not very difficult, but to get a higher evaluation of the interviewer, it still requires a certain degree of expression ability and understanding of the nature of technology,If you can make some appropriate expansion when answering questions, the interviewer will naturally give you a different evaluation.
I follow certain steps in answering questionsFirst answer the nature of the question, in answer to the specific details, and finally do some usual programming extensions.In this way, the interviewer will feel that you really have worked hard on this technology.
Two sides of Ali
After waiting for nearly 6 days (I thought I was brushed), I finally received an interview call from Ali on Thursday of the next week, which was a thrill. Quickly found a quiet place, ready to start the formal interview. The interviewer on the second side is a department head, so I’m a little nervous.This time, the interviewer came up and asked directly. The interviewer on one side was not so good at talking.
Here are the questions during the interview:

  • Introduce yourself, no more than 3 minutes (my introduction is still less than 1 minute)
  • If you say you are familiar with concurrent programming, what kinds of redis locks are and what are the differences
  • How to ensure memory visibility
  • The process and principle of HTTP request
  • Characteristics of TCP connection
  • How to ensure the security and reliability of TCP connection
  • Why do TCP connections require three handshakes and two handshakes? Why
  • So you talk about the implementation principle of the agent
  • Have you seen the laravel source code? Tell me about the loading process of the IOC container
  • Do you know the compilation process of bytecode

Ask the interviewer questions:

  • Can I come to Hangzhou for an internship
  • Comment on my interview performance
  • Do you have a chance for the next interview
  • What do you think should be added to my technology stack and what aspects need to be improved

Two sided summary
The questions asked by the interviewers on both sides are relatively direct, and the answer is that you know what you know, and you don’t know if you don’t know.Some of these questions are basic, and some are based on your professional skills.
After the interview, the interviewer’s evaluation of me is: regular, there is a chance for the next interview. Although it is regular, I feel that this interview should be over when I hear the interviewer say that I have the opportunity to have the next interview.
Although I have had the interview this time, I am thinking about why the interviewers are regular to me.Later, I know that although my answer to the point, but the expansion is not enough, the understanding of some questions lacks enough practical experience.The interviewer told me that when I had time to study the bytecode compilation process,And MySQL performance tuning knowledge (especially important to emphasize this).
In view of their own shortcomings, after the face of crazy reading and writing code in the life.Although it’s normal that some answers can’t be answered in the interview, it’s also an important bonus for the interviewer to do something unexpected.
Ali Sanmian (director)
Five days later, I found a quiet place to start the telephone interview. It is said that the director will ask more about the project, so in the past few days, he has added several meat points to the project. The director is very rude when he comes up. The most embarrassing thing is that the director always feels echo, because he can’t bear to mention it.
The following are three problems encountered:

  • Self introduction, no more than 3 minutes (this time, it seems that it took more than 2 minutes)
  • Tell me which project you are familiar with
  • Why do you do this project
  • What architecture is adopted in the project and how is the database designed
  • What are the tables in the database and why
  • What are the main core modules and how to communicate between them
  • How to save session state, what are the ways and differences
  • How to manage distributed microservices and what solutions do you have
  • Have you studied data structure and algorithm (of course), you talk about the process of binary search
  • Let’s talk about the quick scheduling process and write pseudo code
  • Do you have anything to ask me

Three sided summary
I thought that the three sides were the intersection, but I didn’t expect it was Ali’s director interview. As the specific technical questions have been asked in the first two rounds of interviews, there will be no specific technical questions after three aspects. In summary, we must go deep into the projects that we have done, including the use of the technical principles and why we should use these technologies.
For the project, the interviewer pays attention to the following points:

  • How to realize an important point in the project
  • What are the biggest difficulties encountered and how did you solve them?
  • If a function needs to be extended, how to reduce the coupling degree of the system
  • If you optimize a function, how do you design and optimize it

For the items written on the resume, I think about the above four questions, and then I will be comfortable in the interview. Because of any falsification in your resume, the interviewer just needs to ask you in detail. When I hear the interviewer say that I have the chance to have the next interview, I am very happy.
Ali simian (director)
Sure enough, I received a call from the Department Director at 4:00 p.m. the next day and started the interview after a simple communication. This interview is the most relaxed, there are no profound technical problems, I feel like chatting with friends. Thank you very much.
Here are the questions asked in the interview:

  • Let me introduce myself. It’s not more than three minutes
  • Introduce the projects you are most familiar with
  • What architecture is used in the project and what are the highlights
  • What courses do you usually study
  • What is your current research direction
  • Where is home
  • What books do you like to read
  • When can I come to practice

Summary of four aspects
Although this side is relatively relaxed, and there are no specific technical problems, the interviewers still pay attention to the project, which we will learn laterIn addition to looking at your foundation, the director mainly looks at your potential (that is, whether it has the value of cultivation)It seems to be quite empty, but you can still see it from your usual study. Therefore, as a developer, the research on technology is also very important. I was very happy when I heard the interviewer say that I should wait for HR notice. I felt that the meal was more delicious.
Ali Wumian (HR)
After 4 days or so, I finally got a call from HR, which was called exciting. I felt that I was not far away from Ali’s offer, so I got excited and had a good chat.
Here are the questions HR asked me:

  • Introduce yourself
  • What projects have been done
  • You see in the question that you see a lot of traders in Hangzhou using payment two-dimensional code, what do you think of Alipay?
  • So many people use Alipay every day. If you store these data, how do you design it? (doesn’t it mean that HR doesn’t ask technical questions?) Ali’s HR)
  • What do you want to do in Alipay practice?
  • How do your classmates evaluate you and your teacher
  • If there is a disagreement with your colleagues, how do you solve it

About HR interview 
In fact, I have heard for a long time that the final admission result of HR interview has one vote veto power. After the technical interview in front of me, I am still very worried. Therefore, after consulting senior brother and looking for the interview materials of Ali HR on the Internet, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Honesty first, so don’t have any false information in your resume. If you try to get an interview opportunity through false information, the result is not worth the loss
  • HR pays more attention to your ability to express, get along with colleagues and attitude towards work
  • Do you have a clear career plan for yourself (the premise is that you have a clear positioning for yourself first)
  • About the salary (I didn’t mention it because of the internship position, but as far as I’m concerned, ability is the most important thing, and the salary will increase naturally when the ability comes up)

About the mentality of interview 
Before I got the offer from Ali, I always thought about a question: what should I do to get closer to Ali? A year of growth and thinking let me recognize this point, although I have encountered many holes, but it really let me have a clear positioning for myself, also have a more clear goal.
Because of this, what I learn every day gives me great motivation to make continuous progress and finally achieve my goals. Therefore, confusion is the most terrible. Only by straightening out the mentality, keeping 12 points of enthusiasm for finding a job and working hard, can we get closer to the goal.
However, with goals and efforts, you may not be able to achieve your goals. In the final analysis, there is a element of luck in it. It can only be said that you have a greater probability of finding the job you want. Meet a good interviewer, absolutely make money. I feel very good about the four Ali interviewers. I don’t feel embarrassed because of their deep qualifications. So I’d like to thank these four technical interviewers very much.

Because the undergraduate is not a professional background, also only had contact with PHP, in the junior year of their own future development road is very confused, do not know where to go, feel like a loser. After graduation, I was lucky to enter the Kingdee internship, that is to say, during that time, I realized my own shortcomings and what I lacked. That time was also the process of establishing my own goals.
After graduate school, I read books, write code, write blogs and do projects. I summarize and reflect on myself every day. It is in this process of constant self reflection and effort that I have achieved real growth and progress. It was also this experience that enabled me to respond freely to Ali’s technical interviewers’ questions, so that I could get an offer from Ali.

Reader benefits:

An architect learning thinking path shared by Ali P8 architects:
Internet technology:

Platform and image size restrictions, you need to obtain the following PHP mind map complete XMIND version can be private letter edit [map] to get access to the way!

1、 Framework source code analysis

  • Thinkphpp6.0 source code analysis
  • Source code analysis of laravel 5.7
  • Source code analysis of symfony4.0

Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master

Design patterns

  • Design principles
  • Create pattern
  • Prototype pattern
  • Decorator mode
  • Design pattern comparison and application scenarios

Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master

2、 Topic on performance tuning

  • MySQL optimization
  • Redis advanced
  • Performance optimization of PHP program
  • Algorithm and data results
  • Nginx tuning practice

Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master

MySQL performance tuning

  • Explanation of MySQL underlying BTREE mechanism
  • In depth explanation of MySQL execution plan
  • Detailed explanation of MySQL lock mechanism and transaction isolation level
  • SQL tuning of slow query
  • Detailed explanation of MySQL index optimization
  • MySQL sub database and sub table

Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master

Nginx tuning

  • Quick grasp of nginx
  • Master the core configuration of nginx
  • Master the configuration of nginx load algorithm

Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master

Performance optimization of PHP program

  • PHP kernel exploration
  • Deep object memory optimization
  • Class design trapping

Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master

3、 Micro service series

  • Microsoft microservice framework
  • Swote source code analysis
  • Analysis of API interface platform source code
  • Tars distributed RPC framework
  • Docker container

Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master

4、 Distributed framework topics

Principle of distributed architecture

  • Initial distribution
  • Design principles of distributed architecture
  • Distributed communication protocol

Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master

Distributed cache

  • Redis master slave replication
  • Redis distributed cluster deployment
  • Redis’s separation of reading and writing
  • Redis sentry mechanism

Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master

Distributed RPC, message middleware

  • Multi protocol RPC framework
  • Multi protocol communication
  • Analysis of Kafka message processing principle
  • Rabbitmq message distribution principle

Five aspects of Ali, successfully won the PHP R & D post offer, these technical points you may not master

5、 Project practical topic

Billion level cloud platform

    • Introduction of cloud platform project architecture design and core technology points
    • Microservice architecture split based on Microsoft
    • Cloud platform technology solutions

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