Five 2015 best HTML5 frameworks


Most web developers have been using key points to find dynamic frameworks, which can simplify their design and development work.
HTML5 framework shows excellent performance in all web browsers and mobile applications. It not only simplifies the heavy burden of CSS development in HTML5 development, but also improves the visibility of the website. The main reason is that HTML5 provides unique features, such as special architecture, tags, animation, browser support, etc.
Recently, a large number of HTML5 frameworks are available for free in the industry, which makes HTML5 developers don’t know which framework is the best. In order to avoid the above problems, this article will list the five most popular frameworks in 2015. Let’s start the discussion in a simple way.
If you’re a web designer and you’re going to design with HTML5, it’s time to start reading.


Ionic is a magical framework and powerful front-end open source system. It uses advanced web technologies such as CSS, HTML and JS to create amazing mobile applications. It has been customized for fast operation on all mobile devices, and ensures simple functions and a large number of mobile phone components.
You can create a command to test and use ionic applications based on any platform. In addition, the framework provides a set of angular instructions (custom HTML elements) for its own components, so that it can simply write a line of HTML code. Similar to instructions, it uses view animation logic, asynchronous communication, angular touch recognition and HTML cleaning.

Siimpler is a simple HTML development framework. It can help you create HTML5 development structure quickly and simply by selecting your favorite parts. According to your project requirements, you can use siimpler to develop your own familiar front-end structure. Web designers can also start a web project seamlessly by using the files and folders of the siimpler framework class.Foundation

For all the latest desktop browsers and touch-screen devices, limejs is the best and most powerful development framework for game developers with user experience. Limejs can bring better functions and faster development process for online game development, and is suitable for all browsers and touch-screen devices.

Foundation is the most sophisticated front-end response framework in the world. At the same time, it can be compatible with all browsers and network devices. Foundation has a mobile friendly user interface and has obtained many originals to help you build a response site quickly and perfectly. Foundation sets up many key features, such as HTML, CSS, UI primitives, templates, small code blocks, and response components with functions such as buttons, forms, fonts, navigation, etc.




Enyo is an open source JavaScript framework that allows you to create top-level HTML5 applications that can run on a variety of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, desktops, laptops, TVs, and web applications. For many popular mobile phone companies, the important applications developed are implemented by this framework.
This article talks about the unique functions, operations, requirements, and the best performance of the HTML5 framework for an HTML development company.