First work – jira8.5.4 installation process



  1. In order to improve the efficiency of IT project management,
  2. Improve the monitoring and management level of demand and development quality system

get ready

  • Server linux
  • Operating environment – JDK1.8
  • Database – MySQL 5.6
  • Installation package – atlas-jira-software-8.5.4-x64.bin
  • Registration software – Atlas agent
  • MySQL connection driver – mysql-connector-java-5.1.47 tar.gz


  • JIRA exclusive user, useradd JIRA
  • JIRA installation and data storage directory, such as:
Directory location Storage content
/home/jira/soft JIRA software installation directory
/home/jira/data JIRA data storage directory

Create the directory with the following command

    mkdir -p /home/jira/soft /home/jira/data


  1. Install JDK,Because my virtual machine is provided by the company, I have brought jdk1.8.0 with me_ One hundred and eighty-one
  2. Install MySQL database and try to choose version 5.6, which will save some configuration troubles
  3. Install JIRA and run the command:
##Add execution rights to the installation package
chmod u+x atlassian-jira-software-8.5.4-x64.bin 
##Run setup
##See the prompt, select custom installation, and enter the program installation location
##Then enter the data storage directory
##Custom ports, 9000 and 9005
  1. Initialize JIRA as followsConfigure use

Configure use

  1. Stop the JIRA service started

  2. Copy MySQL driver jar to / data / JIRA / soft / atlas-jira / WEB-INF / lib directory
  3. Modify / data / JIRA / soft / bin/ script

    export JAVA_OPTS="-javaagent:/data/jira/atlission-agent.jar ${JAVA_OPTS}"
  4. Restart JIRA

  5. Visit JIRA in Chrome browser, http://IP :9000
  6. Select the self owned database in the initialization interface, select MySQL 5.6, and enter the connection parameters to connect successfully

Problem solving
To be added