First meeting mongodb (1)


Basic introduction

Mongodb is a product between relational database and non relational database. Among the non relational databases, mongodb has the most abundant functions and is most like relational database. Its syntax is a bit of a type. JavaScript is an object-oriented query language. It is a document type database with free mode to buy what cores you want. It not only realizes the most department functions similar to single table query of relational database, but also supports the establishment of prime couple for database. It is characterized by high performance, easy deployment, easy use, and convenient data storage.

Performance comparison between mongodb and MySQL

Premise: insert 1 million records respectively, and do 100 user concurrent query operations on them

Application scope and limitation

Disadvantages: it does not support linked table query, SQL statement, transaction stored procedure, etc., so it is not suitable to store data with complex relationship between data, which is generally used as a databasedata warehouse To use.

Applicable to: log system, news system, notification reporting system, blog system, stock data, etc

Not suitable for: e-commerce system and other functions that need to query multiple tables, such as OA, ERP, enterprise resource management, CRM, etc.