Weekly – if you want to make an app again


Imagine: if you were to make an app again, what development and design resources and tools would you use?

Weekly in this issue shares with you some good recent app development resources, most of which are related to IOS development, Android development and UI design. You can take what you need.

Recommendation of 27 IOS open source libraries to improve efficiency

The author @ Yash jhunjhunwala has selected some IOS open source libraries that can greatly improve the development efficiency according to their own preferences, including dznemptydataset, pdtsimplecalendar, magicalrecord, alamofire, etc. most of them support cocoapods, so it’s just a small matter to add them to your Xcode project. Don’t say much nonsense. See the full text here!  Weekly - if you want to make an app again

As an IOS developer, how can I not follow these 52 heroes

For every IOS developer, Twitter is a good place to get the latest IOS development technology and related information. The author @ pawe @ BIA @ ECKI has compiled a piece of information. If you happen to have a twitter account, you can follow these 52 IOS gods.  Weekly - if you want to make an app again

The life cycle of IOS applications

As we all know, IOS applications are generally made bySelf written codeandSystem frameworkThe system framework provides some basic infrastructure for all apps to run, while you provide your own code to customize the appearance and behavior of the app. Therefore, understanding IOS infrastructure and how they work is helpful for writing apps. Take a look at @ Sam, the God of IOS development_ Lau_ How does dev sum up this. Interested please click here!  Weekly - if you want to make an app again

A tool for transforming Objective-C into swift language

From the new collection of 36 krypton next on August 5, “Objective-C to swift converter” is a tool to convert Objective-C code into swift code. I don’t know how to use it in practice. Interested developers come here for a taste  Weekly - if you want to make an app again

How to make an IOS fractal app

In this tutorial, we will make an application that can render Mandelbrot set, we can zoom and flatten it to see the amazing complex beauty of fractal.
The original author Silviu pop, address: how to make an IOS fractal app, thanks for the translation and proofreading of the development technology frontline.

Teach you to easily implement the multi task manager effect of IOS 9

@Ridgestring shares the advanced tutorial of icarousel, the favorite UI control. How to use icarousel’s custom way to realize the effect of ios9’s multitask manager. I’d like to learn such a cool effect  Weekly - if you want to make an app again

Tips collection of IOS Development & Design

Every week, Kevin Zhou will share tips developed by IOS or designed tips on producer tips, and poke up here.

Mobile UI / UX trends in 2015

This article is written by the get community_ Excellent design is one of the most effective ways to attract users’ participation, whether it is application, web browser or smart watch interface. Finally, let’s see how flat design and material design evolve?
Get here quickly  Weekly - if you want to make an app again

If I had to redesign an android app

Lu_ Jun wrote an experience post about android app development, including the selection of development tools, APP design style, version support and app framework design, etc. if you follow the above principles to develop, maybe you can also send out a good app. The Android Developer portal is here.

Well, that’s all for weekly,
I wish you a happy work!

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