[finishing] tips for using Windows


1、 Desktop, windows and shortcuts

1.1. The default opening method corresponding to hkey-classes-root cannot be effective;

In regedit, in hkey-current-user \ software \ Microsoft \ windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ fileexts,

Find the file suffix to cancel and delete the redundant information.


1.2. Add application from the right-click menu;

For example, the notepad3 portable version adds a right-click Association. Reg export file information is as follows.

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Edit With Notepad3]

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Edit With Notepad3\command]
@=”\”D:\\Notepad3_x64\\Notepad3.exe\” %1″


1.3. Win10 clears the expired taskbar notification icon;

1) Regedit opens the following key value: HKEY_ CLASSES_ ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify

2) Delete the two key values on the right; Constreams and pasticonsstream.

3) Restart the process “explorer. Exe”.


1.4、Clear history of Windows Defender protection

C: \ programdata \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender \ scans \ history \ service \ detectionhistory can be cleared

C: \ programdata \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender \ scans \ history \ service



2、 Users and information

2.1. Use wmic command

Query network card information: wmic nicconfig get macaddress

Query CPU serial number: wmic CPU get processorid

Query mainboard serial number: wmic baseboard get serialnumber

Query BIOS serial number: wmic BIOS get serialnumber

2.2. Windows user login is a temporary account solution

Regedit path: HKEY_ LOCAL_ In machine \ software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ profilelist, delete the registration information of. Bak and the registry information of temp user


3、 Cleaning procedure

3.1. Unload the DLL file through Regsvr32;

regsvr32 /u DLL component name  —  During unloading;

regsvr32 DLL component name  — At the time of registration;



Others (to be sorted out)



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