Finder in MAC uses shortcut keys to summarize (multiple operations can be completed quickly)


Finder is a very useful program in Mac computer. Through this program, users can easily carry out many operations. However, not many users are familiar with the various operating skills of finder. Some novice users only have a superficial understanding of finder. Now let Xiaobian tell you some tips for using finder.


Finder uses shortcut keys:

Sometimes the finder sidebar on the left can be pulled very wide. As long as you add Ctrl on the basis of the shortcut keys above, Ctrl + Alt + Command + T can automatically the width of the finder sidebar.

Similarly, three modifier keys (Ctrl + Alt + command) + push disk key can quickly shut down.

Under finder, ALT + Command + H can hide all programs except finder.

The above is the skills of finder brought by Xiaobian. If you are not familiar with finder, try these shortcut keys to make you use the functions of finder more quickly.