Find a good Ajax based message board source code (PHP version, asp version) for download


1、 Explain

Hello everyone, now release the message board source code of 51ajax, which has two versions of PHP and ASP.
The PHP version is based on Ajax + PHP4 3 + MySQL 4.1 + Dojo 0.3, asp version is based on Ajax + ASP + access + Dojo 0.3.

The main file of Dojo framework,, has been included in the compressed package JS, there is no need to download Dojo package;

To download the complete Dojo framework, click here to download: 。

For more information about Dojo, please click here to view:

2、 Test address

PHP version: Administrator user name test password test, for testing only.
Asp version: Administrator user name test password test, for testing only.

3、 Thank you

Thank you nukq for your test work. According to nukq’s suggestion, the program security is enhanced, and the data cannot be submitted from the address outside the website; And improve the data detection.

Thanks for the test of im502. The problem that you can’t see your own message after leaving a message has been solved.

4、 Update list

  Updated on November 19, 2006:In order to facilitate everyone to build a test environment, dojo JS is included in the compressed package. After downloading the message board, you don’t have to download Dojo compression.

      Updated on November 19, 2006:The message board of Ajax + ASP + access version is released. The client-side JS file is the same, but the server-side file and database are changed.

      2006-12-04 update:Modify guestbook JS, add line feed processing.

  Latest version:2006-12-09

5、 Download address
PHP version download         Asp version download

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