Financial cloud limited open communication cloud service im Business Edition 199 head of state purchase discount


199 yuan of IM commercial version?

Yes, April Fool’s Day is over. We’re not kidding

Adhering to the idea of science and technology to the good

Enabling various industries with communication cloud technology

Limited opening199 yuan im commercial editionExclusive for first purchase

Whether it’s an individual developer or an enterprise user

Just register and recharge 199 yuan

You can get the im commercial service worth 1500 yuan / month

The event is now open,Limited to 1000 places, as soon as the purchase is completed

Financial cloud limited open communication cloud service im Business Edition 199 head of state purchase discount

From May 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, the developers who have successfully snapped up can open the commercial version of rongyun IM service at any time and deduct the expenses of the first month.

PS. no reason for refund during the yearTo make sure you have no worries.

Rich commercial version of IM

Financial cloud limited open communication cloud service im Business Edition 199 head of state purchase discount

First, there is no limit to its rich functions.There is no upper limit on the number of users, the number of created groups, the number of friends, and the number of chat rooms. The maximum number of group members in a single group is 3000, which can be further increased according to the needs of customers.

Second, historical message storage is provided free of charge.The storage time of single group chat history message is 6 months, and the storage time can be adjusted for those who need longer storage time.

Third, a number of advanced functions are provided free of charge.For example, server real-time message routing, online status subscription, broadcast message and push, multi device message synchronization, etc.

Fourth, support overseas business.Rongyun has three major data centers and more than 3000 dynamic acceleration nodes in the world. Combined with the self-developed optimal link scheduling algorithm, it can solve the problems of slow response, high packet loss and unstable service caused by cross-border, cross operator and large-scale user access.

People oriented developer service

In the developer service of rongyun, the one-to-one dedicated business manager’s 24-hour telephone line and technical telephone support channel are all routine operations. Quick response within 1 hour of work order is the industry’s first operation, which is 4 times shorter than the average response time of more than 4 hours in the industry.

In this activity, rongyun specially set up“No reasonRefund, zero burden and zero risk participation”After purchasing, developers can refund without reason within this year, so that developers can really make my own site.

More than 300000 apps, including car home, hello travel, e-Car, doumi, get app, laicrazy live broadcast and programming cat, are using IM instant messaging cloud services199 yuanYou can get it,7 * 24-hour hotline 13161856839It is now open,Limited to 1000 placesLet’s get going!

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