Fiddler grabs Baidu app Live Room comments PHP


This article focuses on capturing Baidu app Live Room comments, automatically saving local files, and extracting and parsing them in PHP.

Pre preparation

Fiddler configuration, OpenSSL installation, etc. there are more online materials, which is not a problem. Android emulators (such as nocturnal).

Garbled code problem

Check decode on the toolbar

Fiddler grabs Baidu app Live Room comments PHP

Writing custom rules

Fiddler grabs Baidu app Live Room comments PHP


Fiddler grabs Baidu app Live Room comments PHP

Add custom code later

if (oSession.uriContains("")){

The original data is irregular. It is recommended to parse it layer by layer with Fiddler before saving the file. Parse intojsonThe format isFiddler.WebFormats.JSON.JsonDecode,responseJSON.JSONObject["messages"]yesmessagesJSON array.

The above code is assembled in the form of string parameters to|separate.

Back end parsing saved files

//Folder where files are saved

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