Feel the charm of open source, tidb Committee’s way of database exploration


Recently, execution sig also mentioned a new member, which is b41sh Baiji?。

He graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University and majored in electronic and communication engineering. He worked in Sina, Baidu, iqiyi and other companies for video system and advertising system. Now he works in a startup company for multi-party security computing. His job is to develop storage engine. When talking about how to transform from business development to database development, he said that database has always been the direction he wanted to study. After becoming a tidb contributor, he had a better understanding of database and storage. It happened that the interviewer also knew about tidb, and from then on, he started the road of database exploration. Today, let’s take a look at the contribution of tidb Committee Bai Ji~

Feel the charm of open source, tidb Committee's way of database exploration

When did you start programming? Have you ever written any interesting projects?

I started programming in 2010. Later, I wrote some small projects, mainly used in our team. It is a code review system similar to the review board, which can help you review the code before submitting it.

How to learn about tidb? How do you feel about DEDB?

I prefer to pay attention to the articles on Zhihu. Once I saw tidb send a lot of technical blogs and source code reading, and I thought there was a lot of dry goods content, so I paid attention to them. Later, I also participated in some community activities, such as tidb Hackathon. Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about tidb at that time, so I didn’t make any satisfactory works.

The first time I mentioned PR to tidb was in March 2019. At that time, I changed a small bug, which is the time processing function under the executor. I think it’s very friendly to new people and easy to start. Zhang Yuanjia, my little partner of pingcap, and I had a lot of communication on slack. He replied promptly and helped me solve many problems. Thank you very much for his help~

What is the driving force behind tidb?

I think the database is more fun and interesting, and the contribution of tidb is of great help to my employment and technology. Although I have been using the database for many years, I don’t know how to implement the bottom layer. Before, I had a shallow understanding of the database. After I contributed to tidb, I solved a lot of doubts. And I read a lot of papers in the industry, and found that newsql is the development trend, and it should be paid more attention in many years in the future, so I also want to learn more.

What are the biggest difficulties in making contributions?

The database needs some knowledge reserve. When I do some complex design, I feel that the knowledge reserve is insufficient, so I am reading some books and papers related to the database recently, hoping that I can accumulate more knowledge and solve complex and difficult issues.

The most difficult issue I have encountered is the recent aggfunc memory trace, which needs to track memory usage.

Feel the charm of open source, tidb Committee's way of database exploration

I designed the implementation scheme of this issue, and the specific functions were completed by the students in the community. Mmyj and I did code review, which also made me feel more accomplished.

Is he an open source enthusiast and has he ever contributed to other projects?

Yes, I will pay attention to the projects related to my work. Recently, I pay more attention to Apache impala, which is also a database, as well as cockroachdb and Clickhouse, but the main contribution is still in tidb.

What is the most fulfilling thing in contribution?

Recently, a lot of code was reviewed in the performance contest, which helped many community students to make contributions for the first time. In particular, there was a PR that had been changed for a long time before it was incorporated. It was very successful. Seeing them is like seeing who you were.

Feel the charm of open source, tidb Committee's way of database exploration

What do you think open source is?

I think open source is a kind of production relationship, which is more idealistic,Let a lot of people you don’t know make a product together. This kind of collaboration is very rare in other places. I like it very much.

With the gradual growth of tidb community, the number of contributors of tidb repo has just exceeded 500. Bai Zhen sent a message to the community:

It’s a great honor to be a member of the Committee of tidb community. In the past year, I have learned a lot of cutting-edge database knowledge and witnessed the vigorous development of tidb community by continuously contributing code to the community. Thanks for the help and guidance of the community partners, let me fully feel the charm of the open source community. I hope that more people will participate in the construction of the community in the future, and grow and progress together.

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