Father of Java reviews Oracle’s handling of sun Technology


After the fourth anniversary of Oracle’s acquisition of sun, InfoWorld interviewed James Gosling, the father of Java, and Gosling commented on Oracle’s handling of sun technology one by one.

Father of Java reviews Oracle's handling of sun Technology

technology Grade Gosling’s comments
Solaris F- Dead. Licensing costs are too high, trying to use Solaris is a crazy idea and behavior, and there is no point in providing hardware by Oracle, I have to switch all my Solaris systems to Linux. It makes me cry.
Java B+ To my surprise, Oracle handles Java very well. However, in terms of how to deal with security issues, Oracle may have some “growing pains”.
MySQL C MySQL is not dead yet, but it is rapidly losing the interest of developers, and may be gradually replaced by MySQL branches and NoSQL.
SPARC N/A It’s hard to evaluate. There were many problems before Oracle acquisition.
GlassFish application server B- It develops rapidly, but the promotion is not effective.
NetBeans B- The developers of NetBeans have done a good job, covering the new API, with good evaluation and usage. But Oracle doesn’t seem to realize the value of the treasure they have. Tools are a great way to influence the developer community, but Oracle doesn’t seem to understand that.

James Gosling grades Oracle’s handling of sun’s technology
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