Fastjson initial lowercase problem solving


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The code is copied directly. The format is messy. Let’s make do and have a look

If you want to keep the fields as they are, fastjson defaults to getting the fields of the get method and converting the initial letter to lowercase.


1. Add instantiation configuration

Json.tojsonstring (the object to be instantiated, new serializeconfig (true)) // set the true field as the JSON key, and the default is false


Note: the code is omitted in line 1821

public class TypeUtils{
      public static SerializeBeanInfo buildBeanInfo(Class<?> beanType //
            , Map<String,String> aliasMap //
            , PropertyNamingStrategy propertyNamingStrategy //
            , boolean fieldBased //
                   List < fieldinfo > fieldinfolist = fieldbased // set fieldbased through the serializeconfig method. This field affects how to get the field
                ? computeGettersWithFieldBase(beanType, aliasMap, false, propertyNamingStrategy) 
                : computeGetters(beanType, jsonType, aliasMap, fieldCacheMap, false, propertyNamingStrategy);

The computegeterswithfieldbase method is roughly like this 
Field[] fields = currentClass.getDeclaredFields();
computeFields(currentClass, aliasMap, propertyNamingStrategy, fieldInfoMap, fields);  // If there is annotation, get the annotation field first

2. Field plus @ jsonfield (name = “field name”)


The computegeters method uses the get method as the key of JSON in the past
Note: the code is omitted in line 2015

public static List<FieldInfo> computeGetters(Class<?> clazz, //
                                                 JSONType jsonType, //
                                                 Map<String,String> aliasMap, //
                                                 Map<String,Field> fieldCacheMap, //
                                                 boolean sorted, //
                                                 PropertyNamingStrategy propertyNamingStrategy //
         char c3 = methodName.charAt(3);
                String propertyName;
                Field field = null;
                if(Character.isUpperCase(c3) //
                        || c3 > 512 // for unicode method name
                        propertyName = decapitalize(methodName.substring(3));// Remove 'get' and turn to lowercase


But plus@JSONFieldThe annotation will be used preferentially. The annotation field is key
Note: roughly in line 2066, the method is the same as above

JSONField fieldAnnotation = null;
                if(field != null){
                    fieldAnnotation = TypeUtils.getAnnotation(field, JSONField.class);
                    if(fieldAnnotation != null){
                        ordinal = fieldAnnotation.ordinal();
                        serialzeFeatures = SerializerFeature.of(fieldAnnotation.serialzeFeatures());
                        parserFeatures = Feature.of(fieldAnnotation.parseFeatures());
                        if( != 0){
                            fieldAnnotationAndNameExists = true;
                            propertyName =; // Gets the name attribute of the annotation
                            if(aliasMap != null){
                                propertyName = aliasMap.get(propertyName);
                                if(propertyName == null){

3. The get method plus the @ jsonfield (name = “field name”) method will take precedence as well as the field