Farewell to CTO and experience difficulties in business creation


1、 When CTO

In March 2016, I left Beijing Huaxia Fund and came to Hangzhou. Join the team of the Knights of rights and act as the technical director, commonly known as CTO.

In the beginning, I was afraid of being called CTO. On the one hand, I always feel that I’m not good at all aspects, and I’m not qualified in technology and management. On the other hand, because I’m not competent enough, such a CTO will cause others to doubt the company‘s technical strength and have a bad impact on the company. So I always imagine such a scenario in my dream: some big investor said to me, “are you the CTO of the knight of rights protection?” , and my answer is “at present, I am the technical director of the company, just to serve you well, but the technical ability is very weak.”.

Later, after several months of self loathing learning process. For example, reading the books on HTTP protocol, solving the problem of timeliness of Python crawler crawling WeChat official account, reading various structure books (large website technology architecture: core principle and case analysis, Maven) and so on, initially solved the problem of multiple project confusion through modularization of MAVEN, and solved frequent MYSQL card failures by learning DBA skills. Learn Python crawler from 0, and take part-time job as a company crawler during the period of nearly 2 months when the crawler colleagues ask for leave for some reason. Wait ~

Keep learning the way of management, make a short-term plan for everyone in the technical department; actively learn new skills, which can quickly solve the problems and wipe the buttocks of colleagues in the Department.

Perplexity – seeking Tao – learning, learning – perplexity – seeking Tao – learning, so repeated, but not repeated.

At the same time, I also combed the overall planning of technology and management of the current department, and developed some specifications under the common promotion of others in the group – git submission specification, project deployment specification, java + front-end code writing specification, etc. I also had some communication with technical directors of many large companies and found that what we have done is not very bad.

Based on this, although there are many things that need to be improved, at least now from the psychological point of view, I gradually put down this ideological burden.

In a startup, everyone needs to grow up in the process of moving forward, including all CXOs and all other colleagues. I think that as long as I keep on learning, I believe I will become stronger and stronger in the future.

Of course, in this kind of process, I’d like to thank the founders of the company for their trust in me and the rights they gave me. With these rights, I can do more things that I think are meaningful for the company to help the team and myself. Thank you very much for the support and tolerance from the children of the Department. We grew up together.

Next, I’ll make a series of daily accounts to record what I have done since I joined. Of course, there are many things that I didn’t do. They were done by the whole technical department together.
1. In the aspect of database management, we have a very perfect data backup strategy, and do read-write separation at the same time.
2. For security protection, we have made HTTPS, plus IP and frequency restrictions, as well as various security policies on other servers.
3. In terms of project deployment, we use nginx + Tomcat configuration to achieve load balancing and hot deployment, and Jenkins + git + Maven + Tomcat + shell to achieve continuous deployment.
4. In terms of code management, we also have a set of GIT code submission specifications and code writing specifications suitable for ourselves.
5, team technology sharing, there is a sustainable way to share, group sharing + WeChat official account + Post curriculum production.
6. In terms of cooperation among all departments, we have a set of cooperative mechanism with relatively perfect R & D – products, products – operation, so as not to cause confusion among departments and innocent consumption of development resources.

Let’s talk about some of my thoughts. Please take a picture if you don’t like it!
As a manager, I think there are three important points:
1. Put the right people in the right places and do the right things.
2. To be a qualified licensed teacher in a controllable range for some things that are not very clear to oneself (learn from Grandpa Deng, who is the general licensed teacher of reform and opening up).
3. To negotiate a short-term plan for each member of the team and push everyone to complete their own growth (here’s a bad experience. In the two years when I graduated from university and participated in the work of boxx, my boss has never directed my career planning).

Admit your own shortcomings and study hard to make up for them. Let’s make progress together!

Oh, and a little bit more. My opinion is not necessarily correct – if you work in a company, you can consider resigning if you can’t guarantee more than 30% of your daily work content will improve your ability; at the same time, if you can’t guarantee more than 70% of your daily work content will benefit the company, the company needs to consider whether to dismiss you.
Your work should not only improve your ability, but also contribute to the company. With these, you and the company can maintain a very long-term partnership.

2、 Team atmosphere
The technology department has grown from a few people at the beginning to more than a dozen now, and each person recruited is very amazing. Most of them have exceeded my expectations in their working condition and enthusiasm.

Those single dogs, and colleagues in the technology department who are not single dogs, completely regard the company as their home. If there is nothing special on weekends, they are willing to work overtime in the company, let alone after work.

In the words of colleagues in other departments, the technology department is the real team. In my wife’s words, how do you feel that you get together every day and you are still so hi

The development of the Department, that is, the development of each person, department and person.
So I and the product director (one of the founders) have been thinking about and trying to do things – how to bring you a sense of work achievement, how to ensure that you can continuously improve your skills, and how to ensure that you have physical and mental health problems.

3、 VR list of entrepreneurship
In March 2017, I spent a whole year in the Knights of rights.
Because of my own considerations, I chose to start my own business. The project of starting my own business is called “VR list”.
After nearly a month, I am looking for financing.

4、 The future
I just signed up today. I’m writing here for the first time. Later, we will record more insights about technology sharing, management and entrepreneurship. Like friends can pay attention to me.
Finally, I hope I have a wonderful journey. Thank you for reading.

I'm a little freak. Five years of java development & management experience, volunteer of information technology group of Longquan Temple, former technical director of "Knight of safeguarding rights". Continuous entrepreneurs, currently doing VR list entrepreneurship ~